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From August 2016 to July 2017 ZHRO members Rashiwe Bayisayi and John Burke set about finding a practical walking route from Brighton to London. Some 100 miles of walking later; By utilising the old railway route, now called the Downs Link, that took us all the way to Guildford. From Guildford the River routes allowed us to get to Kempton Park and latterly Hampton Court. We have now completed 5 such walks 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 [these last two during "Lockdown"!]. We are now preparing for 2022 on 13-14th August [Full Moon (again) to aid the night section] and see preparation articles due soon and our Facebook Page too

Walk Flyer 12-13th AUGUST 2023

UPDATE: 13th May 2023

Well it's that time of the year again, when Zimbabwens, and their faithful supporters, need to dust off their walking boots and get outside to stretch their legs in anticipation of the "Walk for Freedom"! Practice is extremly important if this year's potential participants are attempting to try the full-monty! 

This year our provisional dates are as the flyer namely, 12-13th August 2023 - [OR POSSIBLY THE 5-6th AUGUST as it's another FULL MOON] - simply ideal for the night section by the Rivers before and after Guildford.

but please, do not let the provisional date stop you from readying yourself with some PRACTICE!! However, as indicated in previous years, the "Walk for Freedom" is in 'bite-sized' chunks. See later for all the chunks, their description and maps.

20th May the High Force Walk Link HERE

Same route as all the previous years {since 2017, with some minor revisions} - We did infact organise a Walk in 2016 under the guise of ROHR, with Rashiwe and myself both path-finding and participating! Although, we all "checked-out" at the camp site we had organised at Edenbridge around 11:30pm - but that's another story!


Brighton Pier at 6:30amThis year's "Walk for Freedom" will take place on the 12 and 13th August 2023 [OR POSSIBLY THE 5-6th AUGUST as it's another FULL MOON]. As usual there will be a single start time of 7:00am prompt from the entrance to Brighton Pier - But, please arrive well before this time. In addition, due to the astronomical price of fuel and food the support teams and drivers, will need some financial assistance. See box titled "Walk-Entry-Donations". 

In previous years, these costs have been donated, but in view of the level of organisation required etc we now have to ask for an entrance fee of £15. Other donations will help too. Additionally more Walk for Freedom T Shirts will be available from May, June and July at £15-30 each, dependent on Asylum Status.

"Walk for Freedom" was the last six year's themes - and again ZHRO will keep this. Having had so many freedoms denied in Zimbabwe in 2019/20/21/22/23, this is particularly relevant, especially with the imprisonment in Zimbabwe, of Vice Chair, of CCC and MP, Job Sikhala, and the staggering revelations exposed in the Al Jazeera undercover serise "Gold Mafia"  [Zimbabwe Updates.]

See PROMO WALK DRONE VIDEO AS WELL  for some "inspiration"!! Also read some of the comments by the Walk for Freedom group from last year in the article "Reflections" pictures too.

Please register on the Walk Facebook Platform your Interests and application formCLICK HERE

Walk Training

Training programme for those interested will start in April and with Leeds Branch, in particular taking it very seriously indeed - see their 2022 exploits at Bolton Abbey Estate Flickr Album

Training went ahead in 2020 and 2021 in spite of the 'pointless' and unnecessary CV19 "Lockdowns" as we were out in the open air, so the risks as such are infinitesimally small! In view of the Partygate Scandal perpetrated by Boris Johnson and others, it appears to us that no danger whatsoever ever existed - the action of those at 10 Downing Street, proves that there was zero fear of any virus, by those fraudulent hypocrites - the same people ordering the rest of us to be afraid!

Christ's Hospital Railway StationThese training Walks will be 10-15km each over those few months. These will increase to 30 plus km by the Last Weeks in July in preparation for the main effort starting on Saturday 13th August 2022. Many images taken on these training walks can be found on our Facebook Walk Pages CLICK HERE. Arrive on the 13th August 2022, around 5:30am in order for an ideal 6:30-7:00am start. Pictured just outside Christ's Hospital Railway Station some 40km from the starting point in Brighton in August last year.

Walk Route

Very much as 2017/18/19/20/21/22. Brighton Pier to Devil's Dyke. [see photo at top of Devil's Dyke and Flickr pages ] Dropping down to Henfield and the Downs Link. Then onto Christ's Hospital [Rail station photo ] just a short walk from the rendezvous location on the Downs Link. Ordinance Survey Route Map of Brighton to Christ's Hospital Rail Station is at this link

The long slog to Guildford [railway station frontage car park meet], finally the night walk along the River Wey Navigation and, this year, into Hampton Court [Rail Station], London. Last year the 13-14th August 2022 was chosen due to there being a FULL MOON [and subject to a cloudless night sky] increase visibility during the night section next to the Rivers! This year the Full Moon {well 81% of it} is on the 5th August so potentially we may settle on the 5-6th August!! Please be aware of this

Training Training Training

Training walks need to be organised as soon as practicable. John Burke has managed to do a few 10-30km Walks during 2022 {total distance 1,468 km}, and an impressive 540 km so far in 2023, as the South Downs north of Worthing and Arundel is infrequently visited with few people in the myriad of pathways, footpaths and bridleways covering this vast area. Leeds Branch too has effected a Walk for Freedom training regime to supplement their Zimbabwe Vigil action which have been made very difficult for them due to the escalating costs of fuel.

Again, as with advice from 2022 - Do NOT wear a MASK for any strenuous exercise - considering the damage to health that these pointless mask wearing diktats were, we should not having to say this now. See next: For any of the walkers taking part DO NOT CONSIDER WEARING A MASK!! The restrictions in oxygen absorption and the failure to expel sufficient Carbon Dioxide will severely affect your health - and you are likely to collapse, and need medical attention!

ON top of Devil's Dyke Ridge - just 8 miles from the Start

Being outside is excellent for improved Vitamin D production which in turn will improve your immune system. Plus the countryside is so beautiful - and may remind some of you of your home in Zimbabwe!

As we have said, being outside in the sunshine is very good for Vitamin D absorption - just look at how healthy these Walk for Freedom hero's are - jumping for joy!! You too can be this happy!

This year we are actively seeking supporting donations so that we can [as we have done in every year previously] have a support team(s) to ferry the walkers, food, bandages, blister plasters etc., In addition as necessary, finally collect the "walking wounded" (!) - joking - but some of us have very delicate feet - and the stony footpaths can take their toll on those without practice, multiple pairs of socks {for keeping the feet cool}, good footwear, ankle support, blisters and cramps! Plus a bit of sympathy at times too!