mugabeWe are neither going to mourn nor celebrate his death.  We would rather use his death to mark the end of one tyrant.  He has caused, has been responsible for killings, abductions and wars.  His system lives on.  His system is what ZANU PF are using.  The AU and UN have not called him and kith and kin out.  
Not even 1 trial has happened to face charges against humanity.  
It is therefore on us as "The People's" to do what he couldn't do and unite as Africans.
Many Zimbabweans, and others, will have mixed feelings about the death of Robert Mugabe, a 'late-coming' liberator who saw an opportunity to became a tyrant. He had the actual hero's of the revolution killed, so he could claim it for himself. This is a man who did some good for Zimbabwe in the 1980s, but as he grew older his henchmen, who have now become Zimbabwe leaders, abducted, killed, and ruthlessly crushed the opposition on his behalf. 
We are sure many have begun to see the horrors being perpetrated by the ruthless machinery that he created. 
Southern Africa nations will see him as a hero who stood up to the west apart from the former president of Botswana who staunchly criticised the tyrant. 
It is not clear what the rest of the African leaders will make of him. What is clear is that those countries still under the so called" liberation parties" will see him as a hero. But if we sift out the propaganda, and look to the 'people' a differing picture will emerge.
We in the diaspora hope that the world will realise that Mugabe has left a dangerous ZANU-PF that he created. A regime that has killed many people during the short period since the coup in 2017 that they have been in power.
Today, we see a proud Zimbabwean people reduced to refugees and destitute in many countries including South Africa where they are being burned alive in the ongoing xenophobic/afrophobic attacks. Mugabe leaves a legacy that is tainted with murders, election rigging and breath-taking corruption - with some being billionaires as we speak.