Death by Theft: : Zanu PF are guilty as charged

Pot hols in Zimbabwe's RoadsAccording to various sources including the World Health Organisation and the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the top 10 causes of death in Zimbabwe include HIV/AIDS, respiratory, heart, neonatal and diarrheal diseases (Typhoid and Cholera – as caused by broken Sewage system in Harare), and road accidents. A majority of these conditions, if not all, can be avoided if the government improved the health system and infrastructure. But we know, the reason why they don’t do this is because of a lack of foreign currency required to get these things done, and the reason for that is theft! The sort of theft shown in that RBZ list. State sanctioned theft of the highest order involving the President, cabinet, ministers, judges and Zanu associates who include church leaders of all people. 
Millions of Zimbabweans have died because of poor health services in the country. The money which was stolen by these people should have been used to improve our health system which would have prevented many many deaths. The money could have been used to buy medicines and medical equipment. But instead, many Zimbabweans are faced with paying hundreds or even thousands of US dollars to get specialist treatment for cancer and other long-term conditions. Many cannot afford this; your mother, father, relatives are left to rely on Panadol. With no ambulances in the rural areas, people who are ill are often ferried by wheelbarrows to clinics which are probably shut because the money to keep them running was stolen. The result is death by theft!
Zimbabwean roads are worse now than they were before Cecil Rhodes was a lad. Many people die each year from road accidents which occur as a result of the pathetic state of our roads, some of them with pot-holes that look like small riverbeds. The millions of US dollars stolen by these people could have been used to build better roads which would have saved lives. Death by theft!
Untreated Sewage in streams and water-courses - leading to Typhoid and CholeraThe US dollars which were looted could have been used to repair the terrible water and sewage systems in the towns and cities which led to thousands of people dying from Cholera. Till this day, there are people including children drinking water from filthy rivers who the lose their lives to Cholera. Death by theft. 
In conclusion, to the young people of Zimbabwe, these looters have stolen our future. The reason why we keep seeing doors of opportunity being closed in front of us is because of this gang of thieves. The reason why your business idea didn’t go anywhere was because of people like the thieves on that RBZ scheme. The reason why you couldn’t get that loan to start your own agro business is because the US dollars were in the pockets of that politician or judge or church leader. The reason why your mother, father, uncle, aunt, and other relatives passed away prematurely is because of this sort of theft. To the rest of Zimbabweans, this level of corruption is a direct threat to your life too. Some may think they are ok and will not be affected by this because they are doing well themselves. Well, the bad roads don’t care about the US dollars in your bank account or suitcase mdala. That shaky bridge will not give you an easy pass because you are in an M-Class Mercedes. We are all under threat. 
There is no other way of stopping this theft other than sending all these people to jail en-masse. They cannot be allowed to walk freely in Zimbabwe because they will cause more Deaths by Theft. These people are a national security threat. Zimbabweans who are fed up with this state-of-affairs should unite and get rid of these people by any means necessary. 
Sindile Ncube