Due to some considerable and sustained mis-reporting, mis-representation and blatant defamation, we at ZHRO wish to make the following press statement about our aims, objectives and achievements thus far:

The Charity Application is in progress as we have secured the services of the 3 Independent Trustees we feel necessary to manage the Charity of ZHRO properly, professionally, impartially, within our objectives and without exploitation.

These are:

  1. Pastor Own Wenyeve [Chair] based in Worthing
  2. Reverence Canon Lameck Mutete based in Chester
  3. Viktorija Kasparaite [Treasurer] and Qualified Accountant based in London

We have also retained the services of Great James Street Chambers to allow Public Access Barristers to be utilized directly by our membership at a group discount rate; furthermore we have financially supported many Asylum seekers in various predicaments already to a significant amount.

ZHRO’s marketing channels consist of new websites, facebook accounts, twitter accounts and suchlike. We have been exceptionally active in this regard and have originated several significant projects and spread relevant news as much as we can, including considered commentary. This is why we are growing.

Those that have accused us of “hijacking” and being “destructive elements” fail to grasp what is necessary in activism. These same people however are the ones who cannot account for the whereabouts of £10,000’s donated over the last two year – no audit trail, no sign of any benefit in Zimbabwe, nothing, just animosity – that we should ask where it went to. We are happy to clear up rumour and mis-information – these are the destructive elements within any movement – we will be, and are being, judged on our actions and activities.

Our current campaign of #Take2Zimbabwe has been complimented by many varied and differing groups, from Build Zimbabwe and the PDP, from UCoz to MZYWE, from #Tajamuka and Zimbabwe Yadzoka. We are also working with activists such as Linda Masairia, Silvanos Mudzvova and Stendrick Zvorwadza. …and we still have many, many more to collaborate with. The press too has being reporting on our activity, such as Bulawayo 24 and Zim Eye.

We are starting to help the process of unifying many of these valued collaborators who all wish the same thing; a free Zimbabwe.

So in the spirit of unity, we are moving on. We have built relationaships with many who have a long history within Zimbabwean affairs, even those prior to 1980. We seek solutions to Zimbabwe’s serious problems – that underpins our approach.

ZHRO is real, no matter what rumours are being circulated.

http://www.zhro.org.uk                                                                                                              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.