Chief Charumbira, The President of The National Chiefs Council of Zimbabwe.

He is the one that always says that " All" Chiefs must be Zanu PF.

Video - in Shona - Chief Chiefs Here he is caught on camera going tribal. Saying that his tribe " Only" must Rule Zimbabwe. His light bulb moment is that since Nelson Chamisa and Mnangagwa are from his tribe, they should jointly form a Government of National Unity. GNU.

Are we to assume that matters have already been decided? If so - this is an insult to the democratic process - all the more reason to laugh in the face of ZEC shenanigans! Pure Farce indeed

Madness. What is dangerous is that Charumbira, " Never, Ever" says something that has not been cleared by Mnangagwa.! ! !

Chief's Council President proposes GNU between @nelsonchamisa and @edmnangagwa. Chief Fortune Charumbira has said something that most people do not know has been under discussion by Makaranga ese in politics, they do not want a scenario where their tribe is self contesting, Charumbira is not the only one running with this message to Chamisa, Bishop Mutendi of ZCC shares the same sentiments, what has been said here is something that has been on offer to avoid a tribal clash and give power to each other to advance tribal interests. 

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