Take2Zimbabwe - What IndependenceZHRO has organised a protest against the celebration of independence at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London on Wednesday 18th April 2018 - 11:00am to 2:00 pm.
According to the organisers, Zimbabwe is not truly free or independent, it is still destabilised by Zanu-PF looters.
Zanu-PF inherited a country that had a network of paved roads, four airports, good health and a rigorous and inclusive education system. A "Jewel of Africa" referred to as the "bread-basket" of Africa. 
Zimbabwe was producing the most exquisite harvest of maize, cotton, tobacco, roses, sugarcane and a net exporter of beef. But now an 'exporter' of its educated professionals - young people now aspire to obtain a passport in order to flee the country. 
Zimbabwe has deteriorated into a basket case, thanks to Zanu-PF who have applied grand methods of 'national destruction'. Corruption is both partisan and utterly institutionalised. Political violence is meted out at all elections and the voters are systematically and ruthlessly intimidated - or worse. In rural areas public beatings and even executions make sure the locals vote for their oppressors - Zanu PF.
On 18 April 2018 we are supposed to celebrates the re-birth of Zimbabwe in 1980 after decades of colonial rule. Instead we will be demonstrating against the 'celebration'. 
Today, the majority of Zimbabweans old enough to have experienced colonial rule wish that they were still under the Smith regime!


On Wednesday April 18, 2018, Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO), and other Human Rights organizations including Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) & Zimbabwe Citizens Initiative (ZCI), some political parties, and citizens movements are uniting to demonstrate outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.Wednesday 18th April 2018 Zimbabwe Embassy

ZHRO is initiating an ongoing campaign for a second independence for Zimbabwe termed, '#Take2Zimbabwe' in support of a united citizens ‘front’ coming together against the betrayal of independence irrespective of parties, groups, movements etc. In effect ‘the people’ will be rejecting the Independence Day celebration in favour of triggering their own “Zexit” – leaving behind the failed State of Zimbabwe in favour of a new Independent Zimbabwe.

"#Take2Zimbabwe What Independence? concept was birthed from realization that I/you/we and those past have been tragically betrayed by the military regime & government. The very definition of independent is not what Zimbabwe is today or has been for decades.  Look around you, What Independence?" - Mable Kayiya; Marketing Department ZHRO.

"We feel that the protest is necessary to highlight the Human Right abuses in Zimbabwe, we cannot celebrate being Independent when we are being denied the right to vote and our people are being abducted and tortured for speaking out the truth," stated Farai Nhakaniso, spokesperson for ROHR Zimbabwe U.K. Chapter.

Organised by ZHRO Marketing member Olive Rudvidzo, in conjunction with her opposite number in ROHR Midlands. Olive co-ordinated the event with Refugee Week, the Red Cross and had a radio interview with BBC Leicester lined up.

Leicester, UK, 17 June 2017. The Zimbabwe diaspora rallied in Leicester to kick off the start of UK refugee week with the #Take2Zimbabwe protest.They have held similar protests in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and back to London where they petitioned the British PM to intervene on granting diaspora vote. 

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By holding the event in Leicester, the protesters are building and expanding on these previous repertoires of demanding a second independence, this time from an indigenous leadership whose

economic mismanagement has made survival all but impossible for ordinary Zimbabweans.

The event was initiated by ZHRO Marketing team member Olive Rudvidzo and organised by Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe's Midlands branch.

20th May 2017, 15:00; 6 selected members of ZHRO had permission from the Downing Street Police unit to present our diaspora vote petition: Unfortunately Karen Nhakaniso was taken sick the day before so could not attend. So John Burke took her place only because the Police had his details on file in the orignial application as the organiser. So Elector Zvorwadza, Mable Kayiya, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Kingstone Jambawo and Shelton Mhlanga entered the security gates.

Outside awaiting to go through the security gates

Prevously on the 18th April [as a protest regarding Zimbabwean Independence] we had been scheduled to deliver this petition, but the Prime Minister, 

Theresa May went and called a 'snap' election on that day - so we got 'bumped'.

The day itself was preceeded by our ZHRO meeting at the Royal Festival Hall, on the South Bank. We then walked, in a slight down-pour of rain, to Richmond Terrace [opposite the gates to Downing Street]. We lined up at the Downing Street Police check point at 14:50 whilst the supporting ZHRO members sang and played the drums, with particular thanks to Mary Muteyerwa and Sibongile Kadzima for the percussion.

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