Walk for Freedom shirt presented to Pastor Evan MawarireWalk for Freedom was last year's theme - and agin ZHRO will keep this. As it is akin to Pastor Evan Mawaire's "Open for Freedom" concept, it is particularly relevant with the advent of Mnangagwe's installation by an obvious Military Coup to replace Mugabe. Both Presidents heavily involved with Human Rights abuses, corruption and other crimes since 1980. In addition the addition of several military or retired [recently] military into senior positions in this new [Military] Government gives grave cause for concern to all Human Rights advocates.

Walk Training

Training programme for those interested will be released in March. These will be 15-20km each over the next few months. These will increase to 30 plus km by the first week in August in preparation for the main effort starting on the 10th August 2018. Arrive there around 6:00am in order for a prompt 7:00am start.

Walk Route

Very much as 2017. Brighton Pier to Devil's Dyke. Dropping down to Henfield and the Downs Link. Then onto Christ's Hospital [Reail station just a short walk from the rendezvous location on the Downs Link. The long slog to Guildford [railway station meet], fianlly the night walk along the River Wey Navigation and into London.

Register your Interest NOW

Use the Facebook Event Link to register your interest HERE. Altenatively e-mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

UK Zimbabweans walked 105km from Brighton Pier to Kempton Park, London, to raise money for charity. The protest Walk – – was organised by Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) to raise awareness of the human rights crisis in Zimbabwe.Singing at the top of Devil's Dyke

After months of preparations, the 26 Zimbabwean's who took up this physical challenge met up at Brighton Pier at 06:00am on Friday (18th of August 2017).

It started to rain heavily after an hour into the walk as the protest Walkers pounded the streets of Brighton. Not deterred, the determined protesters continued, with conviction, in their long "Walk for Freedom".

This extreme challenge required dedication, commitment, and desire to highlight the Human Rights situation back home. ZHRO has been instrumental in providing a platform for Zimbabwean Activists to challenge the Zimbabwean authorities on Human Rghts abuses and for a right to vote.

Completing the walk in a record 28 hours were Rashiwe, Patience and Salome - so a big "hats off" to these 3 remarkable women.

The story has been reported in Bulawayo24, The Zimbabwean, 263 Africa News, Online Nigeria, NewZimbabweVision, and an hour long slot on Voice of America [VOA] Studio 7, where John Burke, Rashiwe Bayisayi and Mable Kayiya all were interviewed for an hour about the meaning and success of such a campaign. A further follow up report was also carried in a further article by The Zimbabwean

The paths of the United Kingdom are free for all

From May to August 2016 two dedicated Zimbabwe Diasporan/supporter [Rashiwe Bayisayi and John Burke] walked over 100 miles to find a suitable route from Brighton Pier to the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 The Strand, London. Then they walked the 68 Miles with the other walkers on this innovative Zimbabwean March.

Born out of an idea floated by Rashiwe Bayisayi, following the play "After Independence" written by May Sumbwanyambe - the walk represent the struggle to walk back HOME

In 2017 -  The duo have walked a further 120 miles to refine the new route to London, then plan on the further 60+ miles on Friday 18th August to Saturday 19th August, finishing at the ZimFest - Which ZHRO have sponsored .

Again, starting at Brighton Pier, assembling from 6:00am and leaving promptly at 7:00am. Heading North East and aiming for the "Devil's Dyke" 12 km away and uphill to the top of the South Downs. At the top of Devil's Dyke will be a short but, unique performance by Silvanos Mudzvova {ZHRO mmber and exposer of exploiters here in the UK and elsewhere}. 

This year 2018 we will be repeating the same route, Brighton Pier to Kempton park, via Guildford. Training for this test of endurance will beging in March right up to August - when participants will need to be comfortable with 30km walks.