petition hoFrom our petition to 10 Downing Street regarding corruption and #GoldMafia on the 18th April, and the following day's demonstration regarding Job Sikhala on the 19th April, the FCDO has written an encouraging response. Although certainly a political reply, it contains several tacit acknowledgements regarding the errant faux-government in Zimbabwe.

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchel, MP and Minister for Development & Africa, has personally signed a response, although carefully couched in terms 'not to offend' it does indicate certain issues that are acknowledged. A copy is available here to view or download [Click Here]. Sent from the desk of the Minister for Africa is appropriate for the issues that were raised over the 18th and 19th of April 2023.

This reply {From Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP} was sent to CCC, ZHRO and ROHR who were all represented on the day of the Petition {18th April - Zimbabwe's {ironic} Independence Day anniversary - 43 years ago} and he following day at Parliament Square with Lord Oates, Baroness Hoey and other supporters of justice in Zimbabwe. Lord Oates had also raised these issues {#GoldMafia and Job Sikhala} in the House of Lords, with written questions, verbal questions to the Government Benches.

Some of these had been reported within the articles on this and other websites {}. {See Links Here} taken from Page 4 of 6 of the Mthuli Indaba report taken on the 20th April 2023 at the London Stock Exchange. Full Article Link Here