PIXELATEDSetting off early from the South Coast, the Demo lead Organisers for the Zimbabwe Community Appeal arrived at the Zimbabwe Embassy at 9:30am some 90 minutes too early for the 11:00am start!

However this was the first Wednesday Vigil event since the "Lock-down" insanity prevented us from legally demonstrating since the 11th March 2020. Something that only benefited those "spys" within the Zimbabwe Embassy itself.

They were 'shell-shocked' on Wednesday 4th August - and felt intimidated enough to call out the Diplomatic Protection guys - two nice motor cycle policemen - who were well versed with the usual peaceful Zimbabwean vigils. So we had a very constructive chat about the injustices of the UK Home Office and the Zanu PF junta in Zimbabwe. Later in the day we have a visit from a young Police constable from another Police Station - which was very odd - as the Embassy is directly opposite the main Charring Cross Police Station. Maybe that Station could see we were offering zero threat to the Embassy Staff from their windows!

A total of 72 people were present, the majority were Zimbabwean, but there was a few British people and 2 Phillipinos who came with the "Status Now" banner and support. The protestors had placards, drums and shakers - they were making great music. The songs were about the Zanu PF ruling party and the crimes against their own people committed over the last 41 years.

Wed 4th Aug

 ZHRO Says Justice for Memory

Zimbabweans from the Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) met on Wednesday 4th August 2021 to take part in a peaceful planned protest to fight for amongst other things Justice For Memory, a 14 year old girl who’s rapist is apparently known by the community, but is still to be arrested by the police or condemned by the Executive. 

The ZHRO members met outside the Zimbabwean Embassy at 429 the Strand London to protest the continued degradation of Human Rights in Zimbabwe, especially the lack of rights of children and young girls who are dying in labour at the tender age of just 14 years old, after being forced into marriage whilst the Presidents Office and family turn a blind eye to the suffering of the most vulnerable in society.

Following the awarding of the Zimbabwean First Lady with a National Honours medal by her Husband the President on National Heroes Day on the 9th of August 2021, the award was in the wake of the rape and death in labour of a 14 year old girl.  Unfortunately but typically it seems the President and the whole Executive branch is distancing itself from the awards that they gave on Heroes day and the failed arrest of the paedophile.

Instead of actually pushing for the right of the girl child and young women, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front, (ZANU PF) seems to burying their rotten big heads in sand soiled with bodies of young girls turned into child brides.

The entire Government seems ignorant to protecting the most vulnerable children and young girls in society. The latest news is that the President is distancing himself from the awards ceremony.  It also seems the Presidential Spokes person is also distancing himself from the same awards ceremony.  It seems they are trying to implicate the Cabinet which is obviously compromised of the President and the Presidents spokes person and the entire Government.

Sadly for them, the awards seem to be under the direct purview of the President, which means the Presidential spokes-person was highly like involved.  This is the same Government that accused an actual sitting MDC Alliance MP Joanna Mamombe and MDC youth Members at the time, Cecilia Chambiri and Netsai Marova of Abducting, Raping and Torturing themselves with such degrading treatment such as sucking their boobies, drinking urine and eating faeces and sticking crude instruments into their genitals and rectums.

Whilst the regime keeps mute, they are actually endorsing paedophilia.  Sadly the usual ZANU PF commentators such as  Dr Masimba Mavaza and ZANU PF U.K. seem to be supporting their leaders in Harare. 

Also sadly, the Home Secretary and the U.K. Embassy in Zimbabwe also seem to be muted.

What does seem to be happening though is the likes of Madam Boss, refusing to protest against child abuse and the whole of the ZANU PF machinery completely perplexed and crippled and at odds with its self on how to condemn paedophilia and child abuse within its own ranks, yet trying to paint everyone else with the same brush. 

ZHRO says everyone in Zimbabwe should have their full human rights respected, regardless how low in society the likes of Passion Java and Madam Boss perceive them to be.

ZHRO would like to thank all those who attended the Wednesday Vigil Protest.  The Chimurenga war was but fought for ZANU PF.  It was fought for every Zimbabwean.  The President and First Lady maybe need to be sent to school to learn what Human Rights are given their track record or lack thereof when it comes to Protecting the Rights of All Zimbabweans

The next Vigil Protest will be on Wednesday 18th August 2021 at 429 the Strand London, outside the Zimbabwean Embassy.  All are welcome.