The following "fluff" piece [of blatant propaganda] was penned by the self professed Dr Masimba Mavaza - a Zanu PF apologist here in the UK.

His reporting of the call for "unity" by this UK cabal, is of particular concern, considering the blatant and often inflicted violence on MDCA members in Zimbabwe. To expect those who have fled Zimbabwe due to oppression and violence, to forgive and forget is disingenuous to say the least. So the question remains, "Why and How are Zanu PF UK allowed to be in the UK when they are clearly linked to the terrorist host organisation in Zimbabwe. Are they here to do Zanu PF's 'laundry'? Are they here to lobby the Home office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to 'paper-over' the oppression and corruption in Zimbabwe? Are they here simply to cause confusion and to infiltrate the legitimate diaspora - with the Zanu PF Junta's violent agenda?

These questions need answers, these members of Zanu PF UK need investigation. Their corporate shareholdings and directorships need to be investigated with a view to pin-pointing their "source of funds". We have started our dossier already.

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ZANU PF UK AND ENGLAND [Europe] had their first post-COVID general meeting on Saturday in Northampton, [Northamptonshire,] Midlands in England. The meeting came [about] when [due to] the President of Zimbabwe, cde Emerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA is marked to visit the United Kingdom in October soon after the ZANU PF 19th Conference in Bindura. [to speak at the COP26 Climate Event in Glasgow - 30th October - 11th November 2021]

The meeting in the UK was chaired by the most senior executive member cde Xavier Muneyi Muzukuru Zavare who is the secretary for Administration and the acting chairman. Cde Xavier Muneyi Muzukuru Zavare became the acting chairman by the action of the law following the death of cde MASIMBA TAWENGWA who passed on in January 2021 due to COVID-19.

In ZANU PF when a chairperson of the party in any portfolio dies the next senior position holder becomes the acting chairperson. In the case of ZANU PF UK cde ZAVARE as the secretary of Administration is a lawfully acting chairperson. ZANU PF UK has been rocked by bickering of positions and looks divided with cde Marshal Gore who is the deputy secretary of administration claiming to be the legitimate Chairman. Cde Gore even though not supported by the ZANU PF constitution is being supported by few heavy weights he claims are at the Head Office and few government officials. Cde Gore did not attend the general meeting which was attended by hundreds[??] of people.

In the meeting cde Zavare started by calling for a unity a purpose with every ZANU PF member in UK in a drive to a mass recruitment of new members to achieve the five million votes by 2023 for ZANU PF.

Cde Zavare called for cde Marshal Gore to come in the name of unity and work towards making the coming of the president a success. On the coming of president MNANGAGWA to the UK in October is a milestone in the Zimbabwean quest to normalise the Zimbabwean foreign relations. Cde President Emerson MNANGAGWA will be the first Zimbabwean president to visit the UK in the past twenty years.

Addressing the general meeting cde Zavare said the visit by the president is an important event for Zimbabwe on that note he invited all Zimbabweans in the UK to unite and give the president a resounding welcome to the UK. In the same meeting cde Everjoy Kurangwa the secretary of Women's league urged all the factions to unite and all Zimbabweans in the UK to forget about their political inclination and welcome the president as a one United unity. [!!]

Cde Salome Erick representing the youth league standing in for cde Makuku who was caught up in a traffic jam said ZANU PF youth has engineered a number of projects to alleviate the lives of the youth in Zimbabwe and in England. She urged all the youth in the UK to rally behind Emerson Dambudzo MNANGAGWA. Cde Salome Erick reminded the youth in the UK that Zimbabwe is the only country in the whole world which they can call theirs. She urged them to identify with Zimbabwe by rallying behind president MNANGAGWA.

Cde Augustine Mutizira the secretary for security called upon the MDC and it's supporting organisations to stop planning for demonstrations [!!] but to come and welcome their president. "In this visit cde MNANGAGWA is not representing ZANU PF but Zimbabwe. Speaker after speaker urged those in Zimbabwe to stop dividing the people in the UK. They must focus on uniting the party and make the visit of the president a success.

Cde Mukutirwa the secretary for finance thanked the members of ZANU PF UK for their faithful financial contribution to the revolutionary party.

Hundreds[??] of members who attended the meeting were entertained with music. Cde Mpofu was the lead vocalist who shook the general meeting into a kongonya dance to an old tune "Mu office mune Garwe". There was dust coming out of the carpeted floor as the ZANU PF jubilant members showed their foot works. Another speaker cde Hilton Mabhurukwa the secretary for information called upon all people to rally behind cde Zavare in the UK. He urged cde Gore to concentrate on the party business in the UK not cronyism victim of the few in Harare. Cde Kurangwa reminded the people that ZANU PF is a big pocket. We can all fit in there.

Cde Wamambo urged all to unite for the sake of Zimbabwe he challenged the youth to give all to Zimbabwe " I am a war veteran I gave my life to Zimbabwe today I am not fighting for positions I am fighting to unite Zimbabwe. So please let's unite for the sake of our country. In the same meeting the general meeting made a resolution for the Conference in October. They resolved that cde MNANGAGWA be nominated the candidate for 2023 [lol]. They in unison cried 2023 ED pfeeee and more than five million votes [!].

The meeting was graced by many important people in the UK like cde Mutasa from Northampton cde Masikati cde Chibaya cde Tafa cde Heather the cool one from Manchester. In conclusion cde Xavier Zavare assured the people that people will be informed and constantly updated on the arrangements to visit Scotland in solidarity with the president of Zimbabwe. A committee of five people was elected to make all arrangements and take all advices and contributions in preparing the logistics to go to Scotland.

The ZANU PF UK and Europe pledged to be in the ship steered by Cde MNANGAGWA which is building Zimbabwe step by step. The Midlands in England saw the revolutionary faces lighting the darkness being cast on Zimbabwe the torch of hope was lit in Northampton by cde Sammuel Mpofu cde Heather Hunda the cool one Cde Shupikai Kaseke cde Ben Mungwira Kingston Gurure.

During the meeting cde Kosta Ngandu and cde Pepertua Ruzvidzo Celebrated to the news that a planned demonstration against Zimbabwe in America flopped as the name of Emnerson MNANGAGWA flew high.

Some of the comrades who attended were
George Mandizha, Leonard Kachingwe, Eddie Mukutirwa, Everjoy Kurangwah, Farai Cheuka, Salome Eric, Ronald Mataruse, Brian Dongo, Simbarashe Madzima from Coventry and many more from all over England.[!]

Because of the distance the comrades from Scotland could not attend but they had their zoom executive meeting chaired by Cde Xavier Muneyi Muzukuru Zavare.