Thursday the 21st of October 2021: 429 The Strand, LONDON. Outside The Zimbabwe Embassy - it was sunny. 60 plus Zimbabweans and those who felt the invitation to a dictator in Zimbabwe to attend COP26 was a step too far [even if the UK is the Host and Alok Sharma has been made this year's "President"]Chief Ndiweni and friends

UPDATE: 22nd October 2021: Click below to see a full copy of the petition to 10 Downing Street. In addition we were fortunate enough to have the support of Chief NhlaNhla Yamangwe NDIWENI join with us for this cause. He gave an excellent interview outside the Zimbabwe Embassy at noon on the 21st October, just before we set off for 10 Downing Street. His understanding of the Climatic Impacts upon Zimbabwe, and the current Environmental degradation being carried out under the [apparent permission] of the incumbent Zanu PF "Ruling" Party [as opposed to a Government] [of the people]

Link to our PETITION to 10 Downing Street, Questioning the decision to allow [illegal] President Mnangagwa and his 50 "Security Team" into the UK. The petition was a joint effort by the UK and Ireland representatives of Movement for Democratic Change Alliance [MDCA]– the de facto opposition party in Zimbabwe [no matter what the Zanu PF regime tells us]; Zimbabwe African People's Union [ZAPU] - founded in 1961 until 1980. and it was relaunched in 2008; Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe [ROHR] in the UK – A Human Rights Group in Zimbabwe; and ZHRO. Contributors were as follows: Ms Vimbai Mamombe MDCA; Model Pamire MDCA; Leo Ndlovu ZAPU; John Burke ZHRO and Panyika Karimanzira ROHR Zimbabwe. In addition many others helped in the formulation and final editing.

In addition, Chief F Nhla Nhla Yemangwe Ndiweni from the Ntabazinduna Region. Representing the Ndebele nation with regard to Customs Traditions Practises and norms from the Traditional Houses. ie the whole Southern Half of Zimbabwe was also a signatory to this document. 

Link to the Interview by Chief Ndiweni outside the Zimbabwean Embassy at noon on the 21st October 2021. The Chief has a good understanding of the Climate and Environmental issues facing Zimbabwe. It would appear a much better grasp than the incumbent Zanu PF 'Lootocracy' has!!

 We all strolled from the Strand, to Trafalgar Square, to Whitehall and then camped outside 10 Downing Street. The atmosphere was great We even "compared notes" with fellow protesters IPOB UKwho were there to make some noise outside 10 Downing Street and then onto the Foreign and Commonwealth Office [round the Corner]. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Mike and Mercy Statter for the background.

WhatsApp Image 2021 10 21 at 19.11.2yyWe took photos and debated the issues in Zimbabwe. We had the TV teams from Al Jezera with us who interviewed several of the Zimbabwean protestors, including Chief Ndiweni and Beverley Mutandiro. 

Those 6 "Petitioners" were led at 14:00 [2:00pm] over to the Gates of number 10 bang on time. Photos inside the gates, will be seen shortly. The Petitioners were Sipilien Birani, Malvern Dengu, Shamiso Moyo, Tryness Ncube, Model Pamire and Zakhele Maphosa.

The photo-album on FLICKR of the day and all who attended can be found on the ZHRO Flickr Album of 21st October at the LINK HERE there were several contributors to the photo and Video log, these were; Mercy Gomo, Primrose Kavinga, Shailet Manyange, Moses Mbano, Abygail Makope, Emmanuel Dzingira, Olive Ruzvidzo, Reuben Waretsa, Phillip Mahlahla, Malvern Dengu, David Kadzutu, Emmaculate Tshuma, Lindah Chenyama, Sipilien Birani, Tryness Ncube, and John Burke.

Also a big thank you to Rashiwe Bayisayi, Sarah Bayisayi, Abygail Makope, Ebson Chigwedere and Phillip Mahlahla for drumming and leading the songs. Thank also to Phillip for carrying the drum from the South Coast [by train!]. Also a note that Moses Mbano actually started the singing and dancing outside the Embassy - but it may have been that he was a little cold, having arrived from Newcastle at a 08:45am!

Thanks also to the two guys from Al Jezara TV who filmed the whole event from 11:00 at the Embassy and until 15:00 outside number 10 Downing Street. Impressed with their dedication.