Opinion Piece 14th November 2021 by John Burke, Founder of ZHRO

Zanu PF UK and Europe District:

On Wednesday the 10th of November a rumour started to circulate;

Patson Muzuwa received a phone call from one Masimba Muvaza, who made the assertion that an article will appear in the Herald [Zimbabwe - Zanu PF supporting Newspaper], written by him, with the subject being myself.

I jokingly penned this piece that afternoon. In fact, I had a missed phone call from Mavaza myself! But knowing that he is a poor-man’s Zanu PF CIO and failed Zanu PF UK member, I let it slide.

“Rumour has it that The Herald in Zimbabwe, will publish an article by Masimba Mavaza, claiming that I paid all the protesters in Glasgow £300 each [if only that were true!!]. Oh and also, I am sleeping with several different Zimbabwean women!! And that's why so many protesters were there!! This is pure distraction, designed to take our "eye off the prize" [Zanu PF must Go!]. It's also so Mavaza can try and re-claim his position within Zanu PF, due to him acknowledging Chief Ndiweni by name and title in an interview last night on Zim Eye!!

Retuning to the task in hand I continued with:Masimba Mavaza Embarrases Zanu PF UK and Europe

So we will deliver our petition to 10 Downing Street tomorrow - and at 14:15 tomorrow a new article will appear on the https://zhro.org.uk/human-rights-uk/  with direct access to the written petition so please share when that arrives

We duly handed over the 36 page written evidence based petition on Thursday 11th November 2021 at 14:00 as planned. The 50 plus group of Zimbabweans who joined us acted together, with ZHRO, ROHR Zimbabwe, MDCA and ZAPU members acting in unison on this particular project. As we did in Glasgow on the 1st and 2nd November 2021.-

The post event write up is here: Petition to 10 Downing Street on 11th November 2021

On this page there is a live link to the actual petition in PDF format: for ease of access that link is here: COP26 Follow-Up and Zanu PF UK/Mnangagwa's Criminality Petition - 11th November 2021

The Petition is a hard-hitting exposé of the crimes of Emmerson D Mnangagwa and the problem of ZANU PF, the party he currently heads. The Petition also cites ZANU PF UK and Europe [an organisation based in the Midlands of the UK], but also Zanu PF USA and Zanu PF Russia.

We went on to speculate that the possibilities for Money Laundering out of Zimbabwe, to Russia and the UK needs to be investigated. We also cited the covert intimidation meted out on some of those who took part in the highly successful COP26 [Glasgow] protests, by this UK based group, and we referred to them as a “Terrorist Cell”. Given the criminal damage and threats received – we can only assume that they are either taking instructions from the party in Zimbabwe or acting ‘under their own initiative’ – either way these behaviours are completely unacceptable in the UK.

Booze Cruise Zanu PF UK GlasgowWe did a write up of the protests in Glasgow regarding the inappropriate behaviours by Zanu PF UK and Zimbabwe, which has regrettably made Zimbabwe a laughingstock.

See: Zanu PF UK and Zimbabwe Delegation Make Zimbabwe a Laughingstock

We also questioned the need for the 130 “delegates and Ministers” who attended COP26 with another article called “How Many Zimbabwe Ministers does it take to Change a Lightbulb”

seen here: How many Zimbabwean Ministers and Zanu PF Climate Scientists does it take to change a Lightbulb

On to the Offensive Article by Masimba Mavaza

We now think that Mavaza “decided” to retaliate on behalf of Zanu PF UK, to our evidence-based assertions as described and shown above [the full items are available using the live web-Links].

However, things have now taken a turn for the worse, with a direct attack on the professionalism, honesty and integrity of myself as the founder of ZHRO, in an error-strewn article penned by the so called “Doctor” Masimba Mavaza! Published on Saturday 13th November 2021 around 7:30am.

I will cite some of the more preposterous passages, for readers to review, and consider if they already know me. Furthermore, as one of the key organisers for previous petitions, handed in to 10 Downing Street, The “Walk for Freedom” annual 105km challenge [ Walk for Freedom - 105km ] and the Glasgow COP26 protests against the Zanu PF ‘Booze Cruise’ Delegation, this assault upon my character and professionalism cannot go unanswered. As an example of the spread of this written ‘effluent’, colleagues at my partner’s work have asked her about this article. It seems that bad news travels fastest!


  1. In the midst of women participation in politics there are some male predators who are violating the poor women sexually and sometimes men use their political positions or societal positions to entice women into sexual activities
  2. These acts, whether directed at women as civil society leaders, voters, political party members, candidates, elected representatives or appointed officials are designed to restrict the political participation of women as a group. This violence reinforces traditional stereotypes and roles given to women, using domination and control to exclude women from politics.
  3. These forms of violence and harassment are largely obscured from public attention, either because they take place in private spaces or because, due to prevailing gender norms, they are accepted. Such diabolic actions are made worse when the abuser pretends to be helping yet he is a vampire with his manhood dripping of blood of the children and women he is abusing.
  4. The monster who preys on vulnerable women in the name of helping them is on shameless demented lunatic called John Burke a former Rhodesian with both Canadian and British citizenship who lay in wait for his prey at any gathering by Zimbabwean women in the Uk. As extensively explained before many Zimbabweans in England in particular seek asylum so that they can be granted leave to remain in the United Kingdom.
  5. Many have joined some groups which have been formed or sponsored by the predator John Burke. John Burke will appear as an human Rights activist and sponsors these people who gather around embassies or any places where there is an international gathering.
  6. They then demonise their country. For each and every demonstration they participate in John Burke cashes in thousands of pounds for his efforts and he simply buys lunch for the poor demonstrators who are doing it for their selfish reasons.
  7. Now John Burke does not end there, he then goes a step further and entice the women to bed. He has failed to control his below the belt other. In less than six years John Burke has stayed with nine Zimbabwean girls as his concubines. Our poor sisters open their legs for John Burke because he promises them visas and that he will fight until they get visas. He then sucks their honey with his honey stick and dumps them as soon as he is done with them.
  8. Of his victims two have died and one is ill and others now move around as open leg honey bag since John had widened their honey pots.
  9. Our fellow Zimbabwean victims of Mr John Burke are afraid to complain because John Burke has told them that he is the only key to their visas. He tells them that he is more understood by the Home Office because he is white.
  10. Our gullible sisters will become open leg policy to gain favours from John Burke. John Burke is a white man who hates Zimbabwe with a passion yet he demonstrates against Zimbabwe claiming that he is doing it for the love of Zimbabwe.
  11. As a result, in addition to facing similar challenges as their male colleagues in terms of fulfilling their asylum responsibilities, female immigrants often must also confront resistance and dangers, even in the physical spaces that should be accessible and safe for them, including political assemblies, party meetings, their offices, and their homes. John Burke carries himself as a God father and abuses these girls at will.
  12. Psychological violence refers to verbal and emotional abuse and acts intended to undermine a person’s sense of worth and/or personal safety and security. This includes bullying behaviours such as belittling a person’s abilities and competency, name-calling. John Burke applies this method in a systematic way such that one believes that he is actually assisting while he is taking advantage of these ladies.
  13. Sexual violence includes sexual acts and attempts of sexual acts by coercion or force, as well as unwanted sexual comments or innuendo, and sexual harassment. Examples include attempts to force women into sexual acts in exchange for a political outcome, such as securing a nomination, funding or an electoral result or getting a visa. This is what John Burke strives in. John Burke again uses Economic violence to subdue vulnerable women.
  14. Because he receives grants from charitable organisations he flashes this money and entice these ladies who are not allowed to work because they have no documents. So these ladies becomes sitting ducks for John Burke to jump on the sexual chance. Economic violence involves coercive or forceful behaviour to control access to economic resources to be the economically viable among the have nots.
  15. What John Burke is doing to our sisters in diaspora amounts to violence against women. Violence against women in politics encompasses all forms of aggression, coercion intimidation or even veiled persuasion against women as political actors simply because they are women.
  16. Violence against women in politics must end and John Burke must be exposed.
  17. John Burke was the leader of the people who were ring leaders of demonstrations against Zimbabwe in Glasgow.
  18. Every time John Burke opens his eyes he will be scheming against Zimbabwe and gather mostly women to participate in his sham demonstration. The desperate women are his prey demonstrations are his hunting grounds his bed has seen the back of thousands of black Zimbabweans who are seeking visa. The roof of his bedroom is now a familiar sight to many ZIMBABWEAN MDC A and civic organisations women in the UK.
  19. John Burke is now soliciting for signatures so that he can deliver a petition to the UK prime minister urging him to pile more sanctions on Zimbabwe.
  20. John Burke is now soliciting for signatures so that he can deliver a petition to the UK prime minister urging him to pile more sanctions on Zimbabwe.
  21. John Burke still drags his weapon towards innocent women and he fires his weapon of mass destruction at will exposing our sisters in diaspora to danger of diseases. Political violence can emerge in many contexts, but it has unique and adverse impacts on women during these John Burke demonstrations.
  22. Violence against women in Diaspora by John Burke impacts on the realisation of women’s political rights in an electoral context. Tactics such as physical assault and intimidation affect both men and women, but have a different impact depending on the gender of those involved, and some gender-based forms of violence are specific to women. John Burke is a womaniser who is now bedding his hundredth Zimbabwean woman in six years.
  23. Responses to prevent and mitigate sexual violence by Burke are difficult because the victims are afraid they may lose their visas or lose an opportunity to get a visa. It is a shame that our Zimbabwean women give themselves up to John Burke for a stay in the UK. They spent cold days in the streets of Scotland just to please John Burke.

23 Items of Fabrication:

None of Mavaza’s assertions are correct, his accusations of me as a sexual predator are without any foundation, as is the number of women in the diaspora that I have supposedly slept with [from 9 to “Hundreds”]- within this text. The allegations of fraud are contemptable considering the amount of money that has been donated to ZHRO by myself, for the asylum legal bills of many of the members.

Again, as he tried to provoke the protesters in Glasgow, he is making accusations that the women are “undocumented” [Item 14 above see image of him attempting to intimidate].Masimba Mavaza at COP26 Glasgow - Intimidation

This article is designed with the politics of Zanu PF in mind, with the self-promotion of Mavaza himself and his need to ingratiate himself within Zanu PF and Zanu PF UK.

Of course, Mavaza is in a difficult position himself – a failed lawyer with highly suspect qualifications out of Zimbabwe, the poor clients he has defrauded within the diaspora. To his failure to become a Magistrate in Corby in 2011, due to failure to disclose his fraud charges in Zimbabwe.

I can only offer pity to Masimba Mavaza, to have only Zanu PF UK to toady up to in order to gain some sort of ‘relevance’. Many of his articles on other platforms such as Bulawayo 24 and the Herald in Zimbabwe, are full of untruths, and lies. He is trying to fawn to the regime he thinks will be his financial saviour – but in this, he is even more mistaken.

In Summary: Zanu PF

Mavaza is trying to attain a ‘high moral ground’ from a political party like Zanu PF that has no moral compass at all. Vice President Kembo Mohadi resigned amid volumes of sex allegations with women all over the country and some were only teenage girls. This was in the midst of the legal case where he chased his ex-wife, while waving an axe in the air trying to chop her up. These events were all reported in the local press.

The remaining Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has treated his ex-wife, Mary so appallingly it beggar’s belief and would set gender equality back decades in the country.

The President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been dogged in the media and corridors as to how many children he has, the figures expressed are in their thirties, by as many women.

We then have the Administrator of the Party, Orbet Mpofu who is viewed as Mr Corruption, Mr Big Fish, amongst many Zimbabweans, who also has a questionable record with women. These are the four highest positions in Zanu PF. A party with no moral compass. A party Mavaza is trying to ingratiate himself to, from the gutter. A party that has shown little regard to the wellbeing of women.

Overall: The UK Perspective

However, what Misamba Mavaza has done is to prove that Zanu PF UK are a here in the UK to continue the intimidation, and oppression of the main party in Zimbabwe. They are also here to lobby the UK Government regarding how wonderfully Zanu PF are doing in Zimbabwe, and that all the feedback that is happening about the human rights violations, the corruption, mismanagement and incompetence in Zimbabwe have been “exaggerated” by ‘political opponents’. Or the fault lies with the Sanctions, as promoted by the 8 Pastor delegation to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the last few days.

Zanu PF UK, Europe and Russia, may be handling gold, diamonds and laundering money – although this needs to be further investigated by the UK Terror and Fraud Squads, plus Interpol too. The clues are in the smuggling of Gold Bullion to Dubai, recently exposed undertaken by a relative of Mnangagwa himself.

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