Refugee Action has initiated a campaign to allow those 'stuck' in the Asylum Process to work - and not just in the limited the "Shortage Occupation List" instigated by the Home Office

The BIG news from Refugee Action;

"I’m writing with some very exciting news. Having announced that we were at on our way to 100,000 signatures when we met in March earlier this year, I am delighted to announce that we have not only met that figure but actually reached 150,000 Lift the Ban petition signatures! This is an absolutely incredible achievement and is the result of the hard work you have all done up and down the country. Thank you for all the time and effort you have dedicated to this. Achieving 100,000 signatures felt like a “moon-shot” ambition in 2018 but now we have surpassed that in spades. As you know, we plan to hand-in the petition in the autumn (around mid-October) and we will share plans for this in due course."

"To mark this moment, we have developed a GIF that you can download here to share through social media platforms (a draft tweet to promote the GIF is below). If more convenient, you can also retweet the GIF via Refugee Action here or Asylum Matters here:"

· "BIG news! 150,000 people have signed the petition to #LiftTheBan and give people seeking asylum the right to work. Join them by signing the petition today:"

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See the BBC article from the 31st August 2020