13 abducted -so far plus 2 murdersFrom a purely human rights perspective, what is going on in Zimbabwe, at this moment, can only be described as Political Intimidation and Political Murders.

Currently, there appears to be 13 main opposition party members [including 3 sitting Mp's] behind bars without charge. These abductions are in addition to the horrendous murder and mutilation of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali, and Mr Tuesday - again brutally murdered.

This vicious campaign is typical of the violent nature of the Zanu PF leadership [if you could call it Leadership - as it resembles a military cabal rather than a government]. Indeed, Amnesty International in their 2021 end of year report on Politics in Zimbabwe states:

""The human rights situation continued to deteriorate, with the government demonstrating hostility to human rights defenders, protesters, political activists and journalists. They were harassed, arrested, prosecuted and subjected to prolonged pretrial detention; one activist was killed allegedly by supporters of ZANU-PF, the ruling party. The state weaponized Covid-19 lockdowns to restrict political activity. Security forces carried out unlawful killings. The Supreme Court quashed a 20-year prison sentence against two opposition supporters. Thousands were forcibly evicted from their land. Public hospitals remained underfunded and poor healthcare infrastructure put women’s and girls’ health at risk. Many people were at risk of becoming stateless..""

With an assessment like this you would think that the current regime's tenancy would be short lived - but No, this is 42 years since independence!

This has to end. SADC {Southern African Development Community} and the AU {African Union} with respect, must put it's 'collective' House in Order. For the incoming Chair of SADC this is a difficult task for His Excellency; Dr Hage Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia. We wish to alert him to the facts of the matter from a Human Rights perspective, and to trust that the Zanu PF officials are not whispering their justifications in his ear - Zanu PF seem to be under the impression that Zimbabwe is simply a "One-party State".

The African Union {AU} at its meeting on 17th July 2022 needs to uphold its core values on democracy and Human Rights - as the sitting Zimbabwe regime seems not to comprehend a single word of the AU's "Values" published here:

""Agenda 2063 envisions a continent in which there is a universal culture of good governance, democratic values, gender equality, and respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law. The AU works with member states to develop and implement policies that aim to building strong well governed institutions and enact laws that will ensure Africa’s citizens are fully engaged and involved in policy making and development initiates and that these citizens are provided the safe and secure environments in which to live.""

In the United Kingdom, and given the fact that the sitting 'regime' wishes to be included, once more, into the Commonwealth - with Economics Minister Mthuliu Ncube currently in the UK begging for some sort of support and looking for "Investors" it is incumbent upon the FCDO to at least intercede upon these clear intimidation tactics by the regime.

We as Human Rights defenders wish to petition all of the above to try to influence the regime to accept the democratic process, rule of Law and the existing Constitution of Zimbabwe - all of which are deficient in terms of justice, any aspect of morality or even empathy towards their fellow citizens. All these aspects need to be bolstered - to protect the citizens from a deliquent 'government' of 'occupation'!

It is self evident that Zanu PF are both an illegal government [rigged 2013 elections] and are unworthy of the title of government - they are a "Lootocracy" and an affront to Human Rights or any form of the democratic process. They must change.

As if this issue is not bad enough, the economic mismanagement of inflation and the doomed [to repeat the currency chaos of 2008] real-time gross settlement (RTGS) dollar has impoverished most Zimbabweans see our article "Workers being Robbed..... It's not as if the Zanu PF regime has been warned time and time again - to keep making the same mistakes see this item from December 13th 2019 and see if it still applies today - or is it worse? An excellent article by Keith Jefferis, Econsult Botswana, Peace Operations and Peacebuilding Consultant, ISS Pretoriaellent.