WhitehallZimbabwean activists gathered at the Zimbabwe Embassy around 11:30 am on the 13th December. {Zimbabwe House, 429 The Strand, London} the growing throng of Zimbabweans and their supporters were singing slogans that attracted passers-by. Myself, I decided to go into the Embassy; Upon gaining access to Zimbabwe House I was quickly thrown out by the security staff as I was about to bring down the framed picture of ED MNANGAGWA. However it is perverse that a Zimbabwean National should be thrown out of my own Embassy - thus, as far as the Zanu PF regime are concerned - "I am STATELESS"!

13th December was a very special for Zimbabwean Activists;

  • We still demand for the release of Job Wiwa Sikhala;
  • All the other political prisoners;
  • We demand for the rule of law be adhered to;
  • And that SADC to put more pressure on ED Mnangagwa for free and fair, fresh elections.

On the day we had several speakers such as Chief Ndiweni, Duke Maplaka and myself, and others. Firstly at the Zimbabwean Embassy, then outside the South African High Commission, Then opposite 10 Downing Street whilst the Petitioners handed over the written petition to the Office of the Prime Minister. Finally outside the FCDO where John Burke spoke to Robert Ison, the new Zimbabwe {and Botswana} Desk Manager.

Both Chief Ndiweni and Duke Maplanka condemned ZANU PF on different aspects such as abductions, torturing and killing civilians for speaking against the ruling regime.

The Petition was handed  to South Africa High Commission - Chief Ndiweni and Duke Maplanka met up with Maria de Freitas, Political Counsellor - Standing in for the High Commissioner. She was pleased to meet with the delegation, and offered further discussion in the new year.

The Activist group now over 45 strong, proceeded to 10 Dowing Street for the Office of the British Prime Minister, who was also served our written Petition Document {outlining what the Zimbabwean Diaspora were seeking - A copy can be viewed or Downloaded at this LINK}.

Whilst the Petitioners {as vetted by the Downing Street Diplomatic Police Unit} entered the gates to Downing Street to deliver the Petition - The remaining Zimbabweans gathered opposite to sing protest songs and generally protest against the illegal Zanu PF, vote rigging, election fraud and capture of all State Institutions in Zimbabwe. When the Petitioners returned after successfully delivering the Petition {See the ZHRO Flickr Album of the Day - Photos and Videos - Click this LINK} Further speeches were given, including from myself {the photo above was when Chief Ndiweni created the "Upside-Down Flag" protest - to symbolise the chaos in Zimbabwe - in addition my singing and dancing protest was videoed and captured by Thabo Makuyana  - who posted it to Twitter/X and now TikTok - See link Here and content as below: Video Link HERE

""Dec 14, 2023 Tryness Ncube a @ZHRO_Zimbabwe & @CCCDiaspora member and supporter spoke passionately about @advocatemahere adopting the case of a student who was, “butchered, beaten up, in agony,” due to being brutalised by the regime in Zimbabwe She also led some of the singing and dancing on the day. Note most of the flags were upside down on purpose."" With 5,173 Views so far

When the Zimbabwean diaspora group had finished at Downing Street, we then 'popped' round the corner to the Offices of the FCDO. Where our Petition was e-mailed live to Robert Ison the Zimbabwe {and Botswana} Desk Manager.

Our cry was basically that Zimbabweans need the World's help to keep the 'sanctions' against the entire ZANU PF members and for British Government to stop rubbing shoulders with ZANU PF. We have seen several visits by the regime members to the United Kingdom including finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

2023 has been a very difficult year for all the activists and we are looking forward to more demonstrations until we are recognised and heard. Throughout the demonstration I kept my Zimbabwean flag upside down because women and young girls are abused in Zimbabwe and no one has been brought to books. 

I represented ZHRO and CCC.