SADC shame on You
ZHRO Leadership Rally for, “All Hands on Deck Stop Raping Zimbabwe, SADC, London Rally at, Tanzania High Commission.”
ZHRO Joins the, "Stop Raping Zimbabwe London Protest."  The Leadership has called for, "all hands on deck." please sign the PETITION
To save Zimbabwe.  ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation) leadership, have announced that ZHRO will be taking part in an, "All Hands on Deck," Peaceful Planned Protest, scheduled For the 25th of October 2019 in London.  The main aim of the Protest is to call out the Junta, which is the so-called Government in Zimbabwe and to save Zimbabwe, from the Lies that are peddling to facilitate the, wholesale, "RAPING in broad daylight,” of the country, by ZANU PF and its proxies.
The main aim of the Junta on the 25th of October 2019, as advertised on their platforms, will be to call for an end to Sanctions through SADC (Southern African Development Community).  SADC is currently headed by the President of Tanzania, whilst the administrative headquarters is in Gaborone, Botswana.  With this in mind, the “Stop Raping Zimbabwe London Protest”, which is scheduled for the 25th of October 2019, is to highlight to the SADC leaders and the SADC administrative officers that Zimbabweans are tired of their County’s resources being raped by the Junta et al.  Just like in Botswana, the resources are meant to benefit the whole population of Zimbabwe, not just those who are at the upper echelons of power and those close to them. 
Ironically, what is most notable of the two countries leaders, (Tanzania and Botswana) in recent history, is that firstly, the President of Tanzania refused to travel to the U.N. (United Nations) last month (In September 2019), citing economic considerations, compared to the Zimbabwean Delegation which apparently had Two Private Jets which cost over $USD 50 000.00 per hour each, and two, huge entourages for the President and the First Lady separately.  This is worrying to the people of Zimbabwe, especially since the hotel bills in New York are eye wateringly exorbitant most of the time and the prices obviously shoot up exponentially during the time of the UN.
The second is that, whilst speaking in public recently, the President of Botswana, was next to, self-exiled Zimbabwean Businessman, Strive Masiwa and said, "Batswana have a natural affinity with following the rule of law, justice and fairness, so this makes Botswana great for doing business."  He did not have to use Zimbabwe as a comparison, however, this is definitely in stark contrast to the actions of the Zimbabwean leadership who seem to be able to treat Zimbabwe as a personal "playground, with the people as their dolls," as said by Salani Mutseyami, who first called for this said protest on her Facebook Live page.  The latest reported grand plan of the ZANU PF finance ministry is allegedly to raid foreign currency accounts that most diasporans’ use to keep their savings, as loyal patriots of Zimbabwe. 
This unwelcome, contentious, but rather highly expected action from the Finance Ministry, is doing the rounds in the Zimbabwean focussed chat rooms and platforms.  The recent and expected form of raiding all foreign currency is strongly within the realms of probability, given just at the beginning of 2018, the current Finance, Minister Mthuli Ncube, whilst speaking at Chatham house, made a promise that foreign currency accounts would not be raided, then earlier this year, he spearheaded the turning of bank accounts that held $USD and other currencies into $ZWD Bond accounts at a rate of 1:1.  Today the current exchange rate in the banks is (Great British Pound) GBP£ 1 is worth (Zimbabwe Dollars) ZWD15.20, yet, (Tanzanian Shilling) TZS S1 is worth ZWD150.6.  (is this a mistake of currency manipulation.)
Considering that the same regime has threatened the striking Doctors after failing to reach an agreement with them they seem not to even now wonder why, even the Chinese are leaving Zimbabwe.
Some of the most notable differences between neighbouring countries Botswana and Zimbabwean leadership achievements is that, Botswana has been Independent for so much longer than Zimbabwe, yet, Health care is free and delivered in Botswana, it is paid for and undeliverable in Zimbabwe, everyone in Botswana has access to clean water, yet in Zimbabwe, unless one is in the upper echelons of Power, consistent clean and healthy tap water, is a but just a dream, education is free for all in Botswana and it is definitely delivered from preschool to further post graduate education, in Zimbabwe, known for being the most literate people in Africa, her youth no longer enjoy the same literacy standards, the current regime enjoyed during the time of Smith and Mugabe.  Food security in Botswana is guaranteed and not even an afterthought, yet in Zimbabwe the former bread basket of Africa, with land so fertile, Nkwame Nkuruma, made the liberation of this land his personal priority, food shortages have caused the UN to step to help and the shortages have helped cause prices to sore at uncontrollable rates.
 In Botswana, Land is parcelled out, mostly for free to all Citizens by the Government, for those who put their names on the register.  Whether it's for Industrial, residential, Mining, or even Farming purposes, loans are also availed to enable building, and people are thus not living in squalor, even when compared to the lives of many Americans and Europeans.  On the land and mining issue, Zimbabwe in contrast, has been "Literally Raped, of its precious resources,” for the past 20 years at least.  This has been done by those close to, or in the former or current Leadership of ZANU PF.  Case and point, is the latest $USD 15 Billion missing from Diamond mining, the fact that so much land is held mostly by the ruling ZANU PF and their supporters, with those in the previous or current leadership having multiple unproductive farms.  Then, instead of loans for the people and youth to become productive, thus grow the economy, the , OXFORD EDUCATE Finance Minister, Raiding Foreign Currency Accounts, especially those owned by people in the diaspora, the outlook is bleak for Zimbabwe if things do not change.
In conclusion, Change, only comes about when people stand up for what they believe in.  Change only comes about when people show that they want change.  If folk stay seated, change will never ever happen.  “If you don’t dictate your democracy, your democracy will be dictated to you.” Lack of action will leave the whole world asking if ZIMBABWEANS ARE INSANE, for doing the same thing every time and expecting something different.  As Einstein said, “doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results, is the height of insanity.
It is so important for the financial sectors, especially the IMF and the World Bank to take heed of the dirty , money, from the dirty deeds, flowing around in and from Zimbabwe.  Turning a blind eye, will only make the problem worse, especially for those at the bottom and most vulnerable.