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From August 2016 to July 2017 ZHRO members Rashiwe Bayisayi and John Burke set about finding a practical walking route from Brighton to London. Some 100 miles of walking later; By utilising the old railway route, now called the Downs Link, that took us all the way to Guildford. From Guildford the River routes allowed us to get to Kempton Park and latterly Hampton Court. We have now completed 5 such walks 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 [these last two during "Lockdown"!]. We are now preparing for 2022 on 13-14th August [Full Moon (again) to aid the night section] and see preparation articles due soon and our Facebook Page too

Rashiwe-Devil's Dyke 20th Aug 2020ZHRO's Walk for Freedom and with the hashtag #ZimbabweanLivesMatter currently trending we are appealing for Zimbabweans and their friends in the diaspora to support this annual event.

Having had so many freedoms denied in Zimbabwe in 2017-20, this is particularly relevant, especially with the abduction in Zimbabwe of the three MDC Youth Leaders [Zimbabwe Updates.], The arrests of Hopewell, Jacob Ngarivhume and others on "made-up" charges. Then there are the fake 'lockdowns' to both intimidate and imprison. In addition, More arrests occuring now.

For our "Walk for Freedom" in a unique video; See PROMO WALK DRONE VIDEO AS WELL

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Walk Training Has Passed!

In preparation for the main effort starting on Saturday 29th August 2020. Arrive there around 5:30am in order for a prompt 6:30am start. The route takes us to Hampton Court Rail Station.

For practice a small band walked from Devil's Dyke [Near Brighton] to Henfield, 11th August 2020, A short stretch of the actual route. However in walking back to their home this took over 30km and 9 hours in the baking heat of the South Coast!

Walk Route

Very much as 2017/18/19. Brighton Pier to Devil's Dyke. [see photo at top of Devil's Dyke and Flickr pages ] Dropping down to Henfield and the Downs Link. Then onto Christ's Hospital [Rail station] just a short walk from the rendezvous location on the Downs Link. The long slog to Guildford [railway station meet], fianlly the night walk along the River Wey Navigation and, this year, into Hampton Court [Rail Station], London.

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Training walks need to be organsied and completed as soon as practicable. John Burke has managed to do a few 30km Walks even during the Lockdown, as the South Downs north of Worthing and Brighton is infrequently visited. Therefore with reasonable "Social Distancing" [the WHO recommentd 1 metre Social Distancing - Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and others  --its only the UK Government who think that they should "add a bit" {as we are all to stupid to cope}].

The 2020 walk now named " Walk for Freedom - ZIMBABWE" and in conjunction with #ZimbabweanLivesMatter, as in 2017, 2018 and 2019 will start at 6:30Am on Saturday the 29th AUGUST 2020 at Brighton Pier, and will finish by [very approximately] 11:00am Sunday 30th AUGUST 2020 outside Hampton Court Railway Station - the Car Park at the front.

Stage 1: Brighton - Christ's Hospital Rail Station; Estimated time 8 hours 30 minutes, Distance 37KM [23.0 miles] Challenging. Rest at the Station Car Park, Helpers here from 2:45 PM Saturday. Take 20-30 minutes rest.
Stage 2: Christ's Hospital - Guildford Rail Station; Estimated time 7 hours 30mins, Distance 29km [18.2 miles] Moderate. Rest at Station Car Park, Helpers here from 10:30PM. Take Rest break here 30 mins max.
Stage 3: Guildford - Hampton Court Rail Station Estimated time 9-10 hours, [Night time] Distance 34km [21.2 miles] Challenging. Arrival approx 10:00am. Helpers to ensure walkers are all accounted for!

Maps: Stage 1 Click Here to Access OS online Map

Maps: Stage 2 Click Here to Access OS online Map

Maps: Stage 3 Click Here to Access OS online Map


Do NOT wear a MASK for any strenuous exercise. See next:Waypoints2020

For any of the walkers taking part DO NOT CONSIDER WEARING A MASK!! The restrictions in oxygen absorption and the failure to expel sufficient Carbon Dioxide will severely affect your health - and you are likely to collapse, and need medical attention!

Being outside is excellent for improved Vitamin D production which in turn will improve your immune system. Plus the countryside is so beautiful - and may remind some of you of your home in Zimbabwe!