On December 2016 Nick Mangwana [ European Representative of Zanu PF and Chairman of Zanu PF UK], made a seemingly innocuous speech lasting just 2 minutes. The literal translation of that speech seems almost harmless - however in the context of a Zanu PF rally in Masvingo, these mealy-mouthed words have a far more sinister and deadly meaning. The word “Target” in Zimbabwe by Zanu PF would mean abduction, torture or even murder. This word “Target” was used in Mangwana’s speech. The word “Strike” was also used – as a recommendation of, at the minimum, Cyber Bullying in the UK/Online and much worse in Zimbabwe.

Now with breathtaking hypocrisy Nick Mangwana has filed a claim for Defamation, Libel and Harrasement/Distress against the author, as seen in the PDF click to see in pop-up here . In this the over-sensitive Mangwana is worried about his reputation! An avowed Zanu PF representative and Chairman of Zanu PF UK, someone who must surely condone all the actions against any type of opposition both in Zimbabwe and globally – violence, abductions, genocide, torture, rape, murder, looting, corruption and theft of national assets by party members and assorted apologists.

Well Enough is Enough, Zanu PF UK should not be in the UK with these attitudes, just like Nazi Sympathisers in the Second World War were not tolerated; Zanu PF UK has to go, their members can be deported back to Zimbabwe.

Todd Maforimbo's post read:

"If my Shona serves me correct, this man Nick Mangwana is proposing and clearly advocating for 3 things:

  1. 1)Violence towards anyone that's opposed to ZANU especially those in the diaspora.
  2. 2)Violent opposition to activists whom he labels as foreigners or diasporas.
  3. 3)The total refusal and denial of diaspora votes especially for those who are unable to travel to Zimbabwe despite Mugabe clearly expelling them from the country.

Where to now Zimbabweans in the diaspora? He even wants ZANU PF to have a diaspora constituency to raise money for their activities of terror towards the Zimbabwean people.

Can we stand back and watch? Surely there is reason to address these barbaric actions by those who have also fled Zimbabwe for greener pastures such as Mangwana.

You have to then ask yourself, why does he utter such words? He obviously is happy with the oppressive regime [Zanu PF - guilty of presiding over and condoning, abductions, torture, murder, rape and of course mass voter fraud and plundering of every available resource in Zimbabwe for the benefit of party members and ministers - including Mugabe] and wants to extend the oppression to those who have fled with their lives.

We are onto you Mr Mangwana, not all of us are yes men. We will fight for our rights out here, this is not Zimbabwe and we won't just roll over and die.

Mangwana’s Speech Transcript in English:

“Forward with ZANU PF, with Mr Mugabe, Mrs Mugabe, unity, down with stubbornness. Down with corruption. I’m called Nick Mangwana from Britain. Eh Chef, ours is…..”

“We have a party structure in Britain, we have another in South Africa correct? We have another in America, but this one is from Britain.”

“Excuse me, thank you. We who represent the party in Europe, we say that diaspora sends a lot of money home. A lot of families stand/survive because of the children who are outside the country. They are receiving help. As the diaspora does that, they don't only do good. Within the diaspora there are scoundrels/fugitives that you know, some who come here and do what they do. People like MAWARIRE were in the diaspora; people like what is his name, the one for the vendors; STEN ZVORWADZA, is one of us from Britain: a diasporan.

Now, for it to work; to deal with this stubbornness, we also need our own party people to target and strike/beat on the airwaves these people. You strike as and target these ones, these people. We need them to strike on Twitter, on Facebook, on WHEREVER and others to mobilise resources. Instead of giving your mother, your child, your sibling and your nephew or niece; your resources must also come to the party. But for it to work, the diaspora needs to be structured. Properly. Because in the diaspora we are told that there are 4 million people. No no, don’t allow/permit them to vote yet. Let them wait. Those of us who want to and can vote will come. But one thing in our party, ZANU PF is the only party without a province outside the country. This is our request that if we are permitted to be a province, we are structured and represent the party. But our role is not to vote, our role is to influence the votes within the country and to mobilise the resources thank you.