Would you credit it? a train strike today gave some problems. Especially affected was Washington Ali, trying to get to London from the Isle of Wright! He did get to the Zimbabwe Embassy - but by 15:00. A real victim of the travel disruption. The weather however was 'on-side' - forecast rain - actual sunny which will always life the spirits.

Zimbabwe Embassy Rendezvous 

Zanu PF Must GoFrom 11:30 to 13:20 The demonstrators congregated outside the Zimbabwe Embassy {429 The Strand, London WC2R 0JR} arriving from all directions, with a travel-tale from many. First, saw Moses Mbano who had got a great deal of a train fare from Newcastle to Kings Cross. He got to the Embassy at 11:30am. Next was Rashiwe and John after a 4km {exercise} walk from London Bridge Station - since there were no trains running to Charring Cross. Their walk past St Paul's Cathedral and the High Court gave them a great display of London Architectural heritage. They also noted all the tiny side-streets with Old Churches, Cobble stone Court Yards and High-End Mercedes with chauffeurs awaiting their corporate Chairmen!

The demonstrtors had the "Zanu PF Must Go" banner, which was unfurled when they arrived and was shown many times in the photos and videos on the day. It certainly amused the passers-by who were curious as to what it all meant. Many were happy to be informed, but shocked as to the treatment of Job Sikhala. The Zimbabwean Embassy Staff, remained locked in the Embassy, presumeably through embarrassment as to the actions of the regime in Zimbabwe, after all the efforts by the regime's propaganda team to hide all their wrong-doings, violence and continued {apparently State Sanctioned monthly GOLD smuggling operations}!

So after lots of photos, the group departed just a fraction after 1:20 pm to head towards Whitehall

Swaziland Exiled Contingent

swazi high commissionHon Gaw'zela Twitter Handle @ZelaHon and Former Siphofaneni MP | President of SWALIMO | Advocating For Democratic Reforms In Swaziland, came to support the #FreeWiwa demo at the Embassy with 5 of his own supporters. These fine people were gladly welcomed, due to the close relationship between Zimbabwe and Swazi freedom demonstrators here in London - Many times have the Zimbabwe Opposition team have been to the Swazi High Commission near Buckingham Palace.

The Stroll to Whitehall

The group moved off with the "Zanu PF Must Go" Banner on display, down The Strand, past the Charring Cross Railway Station, across Trafalgar Square, and onto Whitehall itself. In good voice, chanting all the way - again piquing the interest of the tourists and Londoner's alike. 

Outside Downing Street

When they arrived at their preferred meeting place - in front of the statue of General Montgomery, opposite the gated entrance to the short street named "Downing Street", Chief Ndiweni was already waiting. The Chief, having had a difficult train journey from the East Coast, due, like many, due to the day's Train Strike. Many greetings were exchanged. And due deference was paid to Chief Ndiweni, mainly due to his long standing resistance to the coercion/corruption/overt political influence made by the ruling Zanu PF regime!

Drums, shakers and singing ensued to symbolise the injustices inflicted upon the peoples of Zimbabwe, both at home and in the global diaspora. They also completed the attendance register for all those present, to confirm the day's demonstration and significance for Zimbabweans.

Then the 6 "petitioners" {those registered to enter the domain of Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street by the Metropolitan Diplomatic Unit} were assembled together by the joint-petition organiser {John Burke from ZHRO} and they all took the 'Zebra crossing' to join the waiting area at the security gates of Downing Street. Having done this several times, before, Mr Burke, happily conversed with the Policeman at the gate - an exchange which surprised the Zimbabweans with him - as in Zimbabwe the Police act in the interest of the State - which often means the use of the baton being swung aggressiviely! Violence is "normal" with the Police in Zimbabwe - so to see normal conversation, and joking between a citizen and the Police {whose function is to protect the public} was "unexpected"

Inside Downing Street

Once passed through the X-ray scanners and ID checks, the group were allowed to wander freely within the grounds around 10 Downing Street - although there was police presence it was completely and overtly unobtrusive - in fact the police will pose for photographs and take a snap or two if asked. As can be seen from the article about "Inside 10 Downing Street" the photos clearly indicate a passive police presence. A full set of these photos and of the rest of the 16th March are on the ZHRO Flickr public Photograph platform {to date over 35,000 photo graphs since 2016}. READ THE PETITION YOURSELF - CLICK HERE

After Party 

Speeches and ResolveAs the delivery team returned to the meeting-place opposite, 10 Downing Street, speeches by those present were starting. This cemented the resolve of all those there to keep the pressure up on the UK and International Communities to induce democratic change upon the Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe. However after 43 years of vote rigging, mis-rule, corruption, genocide and political violence - we do not expect too much actual change. But it would be most welcome to see movement towards a democracy in Zimbabwe as opposed to the clear Military Junta that is currently self evident.

Speeches from Chief Ndiweni, Racqueline Changunda {CCC Manchester}, Panyika Karimanzire {ROHR}, Vengai Mutsawu {CCC Manchester}, Hon Gaw'zela {from the Swazi Group} and John Burke {on Technical matters pertaining to spreading the 'message'} - including continuing with the Change Org Voting until well into May 2023 SEE Petition HERE and with the informative link of https://www.change.org/FREEDOM4_Job_Sikhala

To all our members, non-regime-aligned zimbabweans, and all other people who value freedom and true democratic power, we urge you to actively promote the petition process - by voting online at https://www.change.org/FREEDOM4_Job_Sikhala  also by sharing with others on your own networks. We have the whole Zimbabwean Diaspora to rely upon, plus the rest of the global population who respect justice, and only natural justice - and not the "perverted-justice/judicial-system" that many regimes use to "enslave/coerse/control" their own citizens!

 Person Speaking
 Media Link
 Chief F. Ndiweni  My Right 2 Vote  Chairman & Exec Committee  Click Here for Video
 Racqueline Changunda CCC  Manchester Branch  Click Here for Video 
Panyika Karimanzira  ROHR Zimbabwe  Board Member and Spokesperson  Click Here for Video 
Hon Gaw'Zela   Swaziland Liberation Movement (SWALIMO) Chairman  Click Here for Video 
Vengai Mutsawu  CCC  Manchester Branch Vice Secretary  Click Here for Video 
John Burke  ZHRO  Co-Founder   Click Here for Video