Country.............. Date Comment
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job Sikhala"
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala represents me, my family, relatives and any Zimbabweans"
UK 13/03/2023 "I believe Job Sikhala did not do anything wrong by representing the deceased's family (Moreblessing Ali). Free Job Sikhala and we demand justice for Moreblessing Ali.  ZRP should be arresting those who killed Moreblessing not Job Sikhala...ED Mnangagwa Must Go To Save Zimbabwe"
UK 13/03/2023 "#FreeJobSikala  Job is not a criminal, representing Blessing Ali is not a crime either!!! We need new leaders "
UK 13/03/2023 "Because  we are crying for Job Sikala to be released  from prison  we're he has been there for months and months for no reason"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job SIKHALA NOW, he hasn't committed any crime"
UK 13/03/2023 "The ZanuPF Government of Zimbabwe must be exposed of its brutality and inhuman treatment to the opposing voices. We need Justice for Hon Job Sikhala"
UK 13/03/2023 "This is an unlawful incarceration Job did not commit any crime"
UK 13/03/2023 "I am a concerned political Activist, Job Sikhala did nothing to justify his incarceration, he must be released now."
UK 13/03/2023 "I’m signing this petition because I believe in justice and democracy"
France 13/03/2023 "Hon Job SIKHALA is unjustly detained in a maximum prison  for asking for justice for an innocent murdered young woman Moreblessing Ali.  He must be freed with compensation now"
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala didn't commit a crime. Almost a year in detention without trial. He's a political prisoner."
UK 13/03/2023 "He is being treated as a political prisoner.  He didn't commit any crime."
UK 13/03/2023 "Justice is the only key to every individual. Why is he in prison without trial."
Zimbabwe 13/03/2023 "He needs to be free!"
UK 13/03/2023 "It’s not fare why should he in prison for reason people should be free"
UK 13/03/2023 "Breach of human rights.  We need to stop these merciless dictators"
UK 13/03/2023 "Sikhala is innocent"
UK 13/03/2023 "I am against him being in prison."
UK 13/03/2023 "This is a typical case of Lawfare and MUST STOP."
UK 13/03/2023 "It is this kind of oppression that the current Zimbabwean leaders fought against, yet it is still practiced, in this day and age!"
UK 13/03/2023 "Sikhala Job is lnnocent"
United Arab Emirates 13/03/2023 "Free Job"
UK 13/03/2023 "He needs to be set free"
Botswana 13/03/2023 "Free sikala"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job Wiwa Zikhala, he has done nothing wrong to stay in prison for that long withought trial"
UK 13/03/2023 "Bonnie"
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala's continued incarceration without any bail or trial is unconstitutional. Bail is a right under Zimbabwe's constitution. He is a Political Prisoner made so by the Mnangagwa regime"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job Sikhala, enough is enough, zvakwana!!!"
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala must come out from prison he did nothing fighting for More blessing he is a lawyer"
UK 13/03/2023 "Skala must be free and Zimbabwe must be free from Zanu"
US 13/03/2023 "Wiwa has not committed any crime … Free Job Sikhala today …"
UK 13/03/2023 "I am signing this because this man is not treated fairly, there is one law for everyone else and another for opposition."
UK 13/03/2023 "I want him released he is innocent"
South Africa 13/03/2023 "Jacob Sikhala is not a criminal, if he was he would have been convicted by now. What is happening to him is not fair"
US 13/03/2023 "I love democracy"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job George William Coutts"
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala is a victim of the compromised judiciary system and the polarised political landscape in Zimbabwe and yet criminals who have committed serious crime and fraud are walking scotch free."
UK 13/03/2023 "Wiwa did not do anything wrong"
South Africa 13/03/2023 "I want a free zimbabwe. Job must be freed"
US 13/03/2023 "Free Sikla"
Zimbabwe 13/03/2023 "Because it takes good men and women to do nothing for evil to thrive."
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikala deserves justice"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job Sikhala"
UK 13/03/2023 "Free Job  Sikhala"
US 13/03/2023 "Job Skikhala must be out of jail"
UK 13/03/2023 "JOB SIKHALA is a political prisoner who committed no crime. His crime is to speak for the voiceless"
Zimbabwe 13/03/2023 "Am a concerned  citizen"
South Africa 13/03/2023 "Am a concerned citizen"
UK 13/03/2023 "He did not commit a crime."
Zimbabwe 13/03/2023 "I believe in a democracy,  in freedom of expression and judiciary,  I believe everyone has a constitutional right to a fair trial.  I believe God is watching this abuse of power by our judiciary system.  Upenyu ivhiri. This will catchup with all those responsible"
US 13/03/2023 "Job Sikala must go out"
UK 13/03/2023 "Unjustly detained. Free Job Sikhala."
UK 13/03/2023 "This is just more of the corruption that infects many political systems, especially in Africa where justice and fair play is measured by a different yardstick from the democratic world."
UK 13/03/2023 "Job Sikhala has been unjustly incarcerated for a long period ; This for having spoken out against corruption and injustice by by the Zimbabwean regime."
South Africa 13/03/2023 "I want freedom of expression in my country Zimbabwe and respect for human rights. I want the illegal detention of Job Sikhala to stop. And he should be RELEASED."
US 13/03/2023 "He has overstayed in prison for no cause. Ukubanjelwa kuphela yi ZANU"
UK 13/03/2023 "Upholding Human rights is a must!!"
UK 14/03/2023 "I was born there"
South Africa 14/03/2023 "The persecution of innocent Zimbabwean citizens has gone on for far too long under the watch of the so-called international community."
Australia 14/03/2023 "Job Sikhala is being falsely accused and his case not dealt with properly."
UK 14/03/2023 "A none working Justice system is kills a country."
UK 14/03/2023 "He is unjustly incarcerated!!!"
South Africa 14/03/2023 "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, Sikhala have not been found guilty so he must be granted bail"
Australia 14/03/2023 "Humanitarian entrants"
UK 14/03/2023 "Job has been in prison for a long time, he has not been sentenced or trialed ....... this may mean he is innocent"
UK 14/03/2023 "Job is a father,a family man and has not been feeling well for a very  long time. If at all he has committed a crime he should be put on trial.If found guilty only then can he be jailed as for now he should be presumed innocent until otherwise."
UK 14/03/2023 "He has not committed any crime"
South Africa 14/03/2023 "Wiwa has been unlawfully held by the government for seeking justice do Moreblessing Ali.Freedom of speech and practicing our democratic rights in Zimbabwe is apparently a crime.Wiwa is innocent he must be freed ."
South Africa 14/03/2023 "He did not commit any crime."
Ireland 14/03/2023 "Political prisoners like Job sikhala in Zimbabwe need the support. He didn't kill anyone or steal. He opposed the government and stood for justice. It is corrupt that his been in prison and denied bail for this long."
UK 14/03/2023 "I am a human rights defender"
South Africa 14/03/2023 "Job must free"
UK 14/03/2023 "Peace ✌️"
Zimbabwe 14/03/2023 "Nobody should be denied bail"
South Africa 14/03/2023 "Job sikhala deserve justice like munangagwa  when he was arrested for arson and released .Free hwihwa"
Zimbabwe 15/03/2023 "I feel the pain our brother sikhala is facing and pray that he get  released"
Zimbabwe 15/03/2023 "Hiz detention is illegal"
South Africa 15/03/2023 "We are just tired of this Zanu pf brutality and the arrest of Job Sikhala and his detention without trial.Free wiwa mhani iwe Mnangagwa"
US 15/03/2023 "This political persecution must end"
UK 15/03/2023 "Free Job Sikhala "
South Africa 15/03/2023 "Free job zikhala"
Zimbabwe 15/03/2023 "Becoz standing for the pple and democracy is not a crime. Job ddnt commit any offence."
UK 16/03/2023 "Job Sikala is innocent"
Zimbabwe 16/03/2023 "Job must be released"
Zimbabwe 16/03/2023 "P Banda"
Zimbabwe 16/03/2023 "ZM"
Zimbabwe 16/03/2023 "The right to bail is guaranteed in the Zimbabwean Constitution"
South Africa 16/03/2023 "He is being persecuted by Zanu pf ,Bail is a right and he has been in prison without charge for almost a year"
UK 16/03/2023 "One has the right to bail unlike Job who has been in prison for such long despite health concerns"
Zimbabwe 16/03/2023 "Job Sikhala is a political prisoner. It's now almost a year and he is still in detention at Chikurubi Maximum prison without trial or conviction. He has the right to bail. He must be released. The charge sentence length is now overtaken by the pretrial Incarceration"
US 16/03/2023 "This is injustice"
US 16/03/2023 "Job is the Mandela of Zimbabwe’s true liberation. Free Wiwa!"
UK 16/03/2023 "Unjust arrest and horrific treatment of an innocent man."
UK 16/03/2023 "JS is  wrongly/falsley imprisoned"