Opposite 10 Downing StreetZHRO has had an ongoing 'tradition' of delivering well reasoned and written Petitions to various Organisations, Government Departments, Ministers and even Foreign Embassies in the furtherance of the INJUSTICES within ZIMBABWE, as perpetrated by the {Illegal} Zanu PF regime - itself a 'one party dictatorship and Military Junta! After 44 years of Zanu PF dictatorship/Coup/Rigged Elections - Zimbabwe citizens [outside of the Military Junta's inner circles] are having to endure crisis after crisis as an 'affliction' of the Zanu PF regime. See our current articles regarding the PVO Bill {ZEXIT Version - Click Here} and {TAKE2ZIMBABWE Version - Click Here} a and the {ZIMBABWE DIASPORA COMMUNITY version - Click Here}

Currently theses can be categorised as;

  • Captured Judiciary - partisan judges and application of law or even 'non-laws'!
  • Infrastructure Collapse - sewage systems, drinking water, flood defences, drought mitigation, roads, railways, aircraft transportation, hospitals, schools, constitution, civil service, military, police etc!
  • Political Persecutions - mainly as below;
    • Abductions
    • imprisonment without fair trial or even lawfully
    • Torture
    • Violence perpetrated on any {legitimate} 'opposition'
    • Murder
  • Partisan Media, Newspapers, TV, Radio etc

At the door to Number 10On the 30th May 2024, at around 14:00 Basil Komombe has organised a delivery of a new petition regarding, specifically the PVO Bill {Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment} -as "defined" by the Zanu PF regime and the captured "Parliament".

"This Bill will amend the Private Voluntary Organisations Act [Chapter 17:05]. The amendments are being made, firstly, in order to comply with the Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) recommendations made to Zimbabwe in the area of the abuse of charities for the financing of criminal and terrorist activity. Further to this, it has also become necessary to streamline administrative procedures for private voluntary organisations to allow for efficient regulation and registration of charities, which are registered in Zimbabwe as “private voluntary organisations”. "

This description is simply "engineered" to create censorship within Zimbabwe, and the obvious exposure to the Zanu PF's military regime's INCOMPETENCE, INEFFICIENCY and CORRUPTION.

FULL ACCESS to Read and/or DOWNLOAD the written petition and its evidence, sources and web links - CLICK HERE


We will also upload all the images and videos of the day on our Flickr Album - dated 30th May 2024 - CLICK HERE

On the day the 6 petitioners named here managed to attend in good time to knock on the doors of Number 10 {Office of the Prime Minister} and the FCDO around the corner.  For the ladies they were, Michelle Nokuthaba Mpofu and Diana Machingauta and for the men, Basil Kamombe, Greatman Makipa, Ronald Tinashe Mutumbi, and Tendai Christian Mapfumo. John Burke as the organiser was also allowed to join the 6 petitioners within the gates of Downing Street. See the Flickr Album mentioned above for a photo and video log.

The petitioners were supported by many other Zimbabwean activists, namley {in the order of the attendance register}: Evelyn Chigaro; Dickson Chikwizo; Mashama P Mause; Jane Mundangedfupse; Xoliso Sithole; Tryness Ncube; Sibangani Sibanda; Kelvin Mhlanga; Pelly Ziramba; Josephine Jenje; Chido Shamu; Xolisani Masuku and Johnson Bhila.

On the day we met at the Zimbabwe Embassy in The Strand, and walked at 13:20 to Whitehall where Downing Street is a 'side road'. We also met an online Journalist [as London News Exposed] {see his Video of us HERE} who was covering the Biafra Protest {A global family led by Mazi Nnamdi KANU Click their web link} which took place in Parliament Square - but were marching up Whitehall to make some noise outside Downing Street. We were just leaving when they arrived - but we saw them once more on our return from the Foreign and Commonweallth Development Office.