Chamisa [masked] at the Inauguration in ZimbiaThe Winds of Positive Change for this Region?

Zambia’s new president and longtime opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, has been sworn into power today [Tuesday 24th August 2021], this fact [against the predictions and problems with elections in that part of Africa] has raisied hopes in Zambia about to enter an actual democratic change! Zambia's recent past years have moved from prosperity and stability to massive debt, recession and repression.

Shades of the "Zimbabwe Effect" from the State 'next door'. The fact that the incoming president has invited Chamisa and Biti from the opposition MDCAlliance [Zimbabwe], and possibly not invited the head of the 41 years old Zanu PF Government, Ed Mnangagwa - with Mask and scarf, from the basket case that is now Zimbabwe - nobody would want to follow their example.

So this invitation is significant. Also invited were South African Opposition Party members. 

My commentary: An Observation Only:

Even from a Human Rights perspective - we can talk about “politics” - Politics has been demonstrably known to be a particularly ‘dirty business’. Outrageous promises are broken, corruption is endemic and violence (and often Murder) are the tools used to maintain “power” - at any cost!

The wasted opportunities are boundless in the desire to “rule” rather than SERVE! One day a change will come, that might well be today! We will see, but the recognition given to Zambia’s “poor relation” - to invite MDCA partners Chamisa and Biti is a vital step forward.

Next item on this agenda is to ‘shame’ SADC and the AU into adding some democracy to their obvious “dictator’s club” image. Well done Zambia’s electorate - you may well have ushered in change for the better in this region.

John Burke

ZHRO (Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation )