• Moreblessing AliPetition by: Kennedy Masiye
  • recipients: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, US Department of State, Commonwealth Heads of States, EU Parliament, Freedom House, SADC, The African Union, The United Nations - High Commissioner for Human Rights, Lord Oates, House of Lords - 'co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Zimbabwe', HM United Kingdom Government

PLEASE HELP concerned citizens of Zimbabwe in demanding the release of Moreblessing Ali a female Political activist belonging to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Moreblessing Ali was abducted in public on May 24,2022 at a place called Chibhanguza Shopping Center, Nyatsime in Beatrice.

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WE  NOTE that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were alerted of the abduction and the identity of the abductor, as one Pius Jamba, a well known Zanu PF member. To date, the police have not taken measures to identify and arrest the alleged perpetrator of the enforced disappearance.

WE ALSO NOTE with grave concern the public statement issued by the Zimbabwe Police 6 days after the abduction casting innuendos that put Moreblessing Ali's life in further extreme danger. Particularly, the police seem to suggest Moreblessing contributed to her abduction because of her alleged past relationship with the abductor and that Pius Jamba, a well-known Zanu PF member, is not affiliated with any political party. Section 51 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe guarantees everyone's inherent dignity in their private and public life, and the right to have that dignity respected and protected. Therefore, the innuendos cast by the police go against the fundamental tenets sought to be protected by the Constitution.

IT IS APPARENT THAT, that Moreblessing Ali is a victim of an enforced disappearance and a prevalent, deliberate, systematic inefficient use of the law by the government to arrest and prosecute alleged gross human rights violators linked to the ruling party Zanu PF. To date activists such as Itai Dzamara who was abducted In March 2015 and Paul Chizuze who was abducted In February of 2012, still remain unaccounted for and the police have not provided any leads on the investigations.

GRAVE CONCERN IS EXPRESSED about the abduction of Moreblessing Ali which we as Citizens believe to be related to her political activities and the legitimate exercise of her right to freedom of expression.

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WE EXPRESS PARTICULAR CONCERN at the physical and psychological integrity of Ms. Ali, in particular as her fate and whereabouts remain unknown to date. Additional concern is expressed that she may be at risk of torture or other forms of ill-treatment.

WE THEREFORE DEMAND that the government of Zimbabwe, in particular, the Zimbabwe Republic Police, observes the relevant international norms and standards that are applicable to these issues brought forth by the abduction of Ms. Ali.

WE DEMAND that, the government of Zimbabwe take all necessary measures to guarantee Moreblessing Ali's right not to be deprived arbitrarily of her liberty in accordance with article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) ratified by Zimbabwe in 1991, as well as article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Section 49 of the Zimbabwe Constitution also elaborates that he every person has the right to personal liberty which includes the right not to be detained without trial.

WE ALSO DEMAND that the government of Zimbabwe observes the United Nations Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. In particular, the prohibition to practice, permit or tolerate enforced disappearance (article 2), the obligation to take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent and terminate acts of enforced disappearance (article 3), the right to be held in an officially recognized place of detention, in conformity with national law and to be brought before a judicial authority promptly after detention and the obligation to make available accurate information on the detention of persons and their place of detention to their family, counsel or other persons with a legitimate interest (article 10).

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In view of the urgency of the matter,the citizens of Zimbabwe further demand the following:

1. The Government of Zimbabwe takes steps to safeguard the rights of Moreblessing Ali in compliance with international instruments and domestic laws;
2. The Government of Zimbabwe provides information relative to the measures taken to ensure the physical and psychological integrity of Ms. Moreblessing Ali;
3. Investigate and arrest Pius Jamba and his accomplices as the prime suspect in the abduction.
4. Provide regular updates to Moreblessing Ali's Family and the public on the Investigations.
5. The government of Zimbabwe ensures that systematic cases of enforced disappearances in Zimbabwe be stopped immediately!

WE DEMAND the release of Moreblessing Ali!

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As ZHRO, we have also contacted the UK House of Lords to see what additional pressures the UK Government can bring: see our e-mail request below. Sent at 15:36 on 8th June 2022

UPDATE: 8th June 2022 15:48: Lord Oates responded immedialtely and offered meeting slots tomorrow and Friday the 10th June 2022. There are people in authority who care! 

Dear Lord Oates,

You may well be aware of the reported abduction of ‘Moreblessing Ali’, a female Political activist belonging to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Moreblessing Ali was abducted in public on May 24,2022 at a place called Chibhanguza Shopping Center, Nyatsime in Beatrice.

Her brother Washington Ali, is here in the UK and would like to seek a meeting with you [Teams Meeting, or in person] regarding this apparent uptick in political intimidation [presumably in preparations for the 2023 Elections?]. Washington is the former UK & Ireland Province Chairman [of the then MDC], and Currently the “Diaspora Resource Mobilisation Coordinator”  Globally for the new CCC.

You had done us the service of a Teams Meeting in January this year for the My Right to Vote campaign, but these events, we hope, are not a foretaste of further undemocratic behaviors ahead.

If there is also any “questions” you are able to ask the Government Benches in the Lords, this too would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards John Burke and Beverley Mutandiro


UPDATE: 8th June 2022 17:00 Demonstration London and beyond:

 Global Demonstations  London Zimbabwe Embassy Demo  Bring Back Moreblessing
 Global Demos  UK Demo Saturday 11th June 2022  Bring Back Moreblessing