Diaspora Vote Petition poster 2nd Dec 2021On the 17th December 2021 two apparently unconnected "assaults" on the Traditional Chiefs have been effected by the ruling Zanu PF [Military Junta] with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on Friday [17th] issuing a chilling threat to traditional leaders, warning that they would be stripped of their positions for criticising the Zanu PF government. President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy corralled traditional chiefs in Harare, furious over rare public criticism of his regime.

This assault is perverse, to threaten hereditary Chiefs, and is not the domain of the cabal in Government. The traditional Chiefs have prior authority and a much longer history than the current clowns within Zanu PF. It is hardly in-keeping with the apparent Zanu PF 'desire' to be taken back into the British Commonwealth as stated previously, again at COP26, and with the delegation of Zimbabwean Bishops to the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace in the UK.

The obvious analogy is of the current UK Government attempting to remove the Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth - the Government has no such power - in fact it is Royalty that has historically permitted the elected Government to run the Nation on behalf of the Monarchy! 

Two articles appeared in ZimLive Article 17th December 2021 regarding Chief Ndiweni [an attack on Chief Ndiweni] - for pushing for democratic reform [Diaspora Vote]. The second and far more sinister ZimLive Article 18th December 2021 Threats to Chief Murinye published on the 18th, but referring to comments made by VP Chiwenga on Friday the 17th December 2021

Clearly Zanu PF feel so threatened by the voices of reason, that they are retaliating in the only way they know - threats of violence, and corrupt judiciary. Laws do not create morality, and bad laws should be resisted in a [claimed] "democracy" - but it would be naive to use the democracy 'umbrella' when evidently Zimbabwe is a dictatorship, and a Military Dictatorship at that!

No10 PetitionWith regards to the activities of Chief Ndiweni in the UK since October 2021, at ZHRO we can testify to the involvement of the Chief at COP26, the Petition to 10 Downing Street on the 21st October and the 11th November. In addition as the Chief was the co-author of the highly successful petition regarding the Diaspora Vote [and the ZEC failure to be independent]. Indeed  Chief Ndiweni personally handed over that petition on the 2nd December at 14:00 along with myself and two other ZHRO members [see photo].

That particular petition has also led to involvement within the House of Lords - this august body of Hereditary Peers [akin to the Traditional Chiefs] and experienced retired Politician's usual role is to oversee Government [in terms of the House of Commons - called the "Lower House"] the House of Lords is also referred to as the "Upper House". The Upper House has in effect tremendous power - insofar as they can interrogate the sitting Government and hold them to account. Support here is extremely useful in respect of the diaspora vote. 

Furthermore, the appearance of Chief Ndiweni at COP26 in Glasgow on the 1st and 2nd November 2021, contrasts very strongly with the failure of the 130 strong Zanu PF "Team" that took part, and made a laughing-stock of Zimbabwe globally with their "Booze-Cruise" antics. In addition the ineffective Mnangagwa, talking to empty halls and 'hovering' around World Leaders added to the embarrassment heaped upon Zimbabwe as a Nation by the clowns from Zanu PF UK and Europe - who triggered the farcical behaviours for a "party" on the 31st October.

Chief Ndiweni will be making a Public Statement today [18th December 2021] to refute the political theatre of his "Arrest Warrant" THE CHIEF CALLS FOR MNANGAGWA'S RESIGNATION [CLICK HERE].

The extent to which the Chiefs should be apolitical is being foolishly misinterpreted with the following disinformation.

“What we have seen in the past few days is never done,” fumed Chiwenga. “This thing of just standing up to say whatever you feel to the paramount chief (Mnangagwa) [disinformation] is never done. It’s done by people high on mutoriro (crystal methamphetamine). In this country it’s never done. “We have one Munhumutapa (Mnangagwa)[more disinformation], we have one leader and it is that leader we give respect [disinformation as Mnangagwa was supposed to be elected - rather than rigged]. It is that leader we show the entire nation what respect is all about. So, what has been done by Chief Murinye is going to be investigated by the minister of local government and the Chiefs’ Council and if found guilty, disciplinary action would be taken. “This is Zimbabwe. I thought I should say this, I respect Munhumutapa (President Mnangagwa) and no-one touches him as long as I live.”

Being "apolitical" will never mean that a Chief will not stand up to injustice, corruption, mismanagement or incompetence. In fact just the opposite - as with the Lords in the United Kingdom above the Chief should have a duty to stand up for those under his charge. Zanu PF dictators need to go back to school, study the Zimbabwean History, the constitution and the rule of Law, and also understand that they cannot ride roughshod over everybody and everything.

Let's school Chiwanga and Zanu PF now; The Traditional Leaders Act says, Traditional Leaders must keep and protect the peoples, customs, traditions, practises and norms. Inclusive of those customs are the principles of Ubuntu, ( Humanity). Ubuntu rejects, corruption, rejects looting, rejects theft.

But in this matter there is need for a Criminal investigation to be opened against the Vice President and all of those who are involved in the victimisation of the Chiefs. The Traditional Leaders Act also says that " it is a criminal offence to hinder a Traditional Leader in the course of his work".

This clearly has been done here, it is punishable with a Level five fine and or a period on incarceration". We do hope lawyers can take this up.

Chief Ndiweni is most keen to lodge that formal  complaint to any police station or authority, so that the law may be exercised in its proper place. See Chief Ndiweni's Press Statement [CLICK HERE]