The title of "ZEC Errors and Incompetence" has missed out an important issue: Bias to the Zanu PF party and the corrupt judiciary.



Team Pachedu  {Team Pachedu ZEC analysisWe are patriotic Zimbabwean citizens who strive to promulgate the culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability without any fear or favour.}


The delimitation report that was presented by ZEC {3rd Fenbuary 2023} was FINAL, not another draft. Section 161(9) of the Constitution states that after a preliminary report has been referred back to ZEC for corrections, the changes made by ZEC will be FINAL.

Team Pachedu have completed another report. This simplified audit report lists more than a thousand errors and anomalies they found on 321 out of 509 pages of ZEC's delimitation report.  

The opposition has lost 3 constituencies in Harare when there was no need to collapse them. ZEC was supposed to slightly readjust boundaries as they did in other provinces. Instead, ZEC severely reconfigured boundaries and there will be a lot of confusion among voters.

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