The team that went in through the 'secure gates' of Downing Street, got to spend some time within the confines of the domain of the Prime Minister - and next door the Chancellor. The petitioners were subjected to intense ID checks, with bags and equipment X-ray'd. The petition itself was signed by 5 CCC members and Chief F Ndiweni as the petitioners, with several other supporters signing the overall written document. The 18 page Petition that was delivered to 10 Downing Street can be viewed HERE

 Downing St 07
 Handing Over the Petition to the Resident Officers
 Downing St o6
 About to Hand over the 18 page, evidence based arguments put to the UK Prime Minister and his Civil Servants, recommending Freedom for Job Sikhala after 275 days in jail {today the 16th March 2023}
 Downing St 01
 Nontokozo Malaba Ncube and Diana Machinguata enjoying their time at the number 10 door with one of the female Police Diplomatic Officiers
 Downing St 02
 Vengai Mutsawu, Chief Felix Nhlanhla Ndiweni and Lloyd Shumbayaonda showing the petition in its protective sleeve prior to the hand over


The importance of these interactions at the top level of British politics cannot be over emphasised, Last year we managed to secure vital discussions with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, due to a similar petition presentation. This time around we anticipate further traction in the UK, EU, UN arena's - to see if democracy could be attempted within Zimbabwe!