Final timesWe are less than 7 days away and the excitement is building. [At the time of writing on Saturday 14th August 2021]
The weather forecasts (so far) look good - cloudy - but no rain - ideal for a long walk. Keeping cool is part of the strategy - especially one's feet! Plenty of changes of socks and talcum powder.

This year we must welcome Daisy Motlogwa and her husband, Moses, as he was newly released from detention only this week. Daisy will be driving down from Newcastle to Brighton [346 miles distance and expected to take 5 hours and 30 minutes] on the Friday preceding the "Walk for Freedom" [Friday 20th August 2021]. She will be arriving with her 3 children too, and will stay overnight at a local activist's house in adjacent Hove.

Plenty of “local supporters” [Brighton and Hove residents] will be welcome, and some could join us to the Devil’s Dyke Public House - there we stop for photos and a song or two!!
The Walk for Freedom is a peaceful 'protest' walk that is used by ZHRO, to raise awareness to the British public of the plight of Zimbabweans, who are suffering under the brutal rule of the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) Political Party. The Walk For Freedom was the Idea of Rashiwe Bayisayi [in 2016], who has already completes four such walks and this year she will start her fifth!. 
Ben Tsikwa, Siplilen Birani, and Temba Ncube became the first male ZHRO members ever, to successfully complete the whole walk from Brighton to London.
“Zimbabweans are still suffering both in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora.  So we’ve got a road to go,” said Rashiwe Bayisayi last year when being interviewed.  Parts of the ZHRO Vision 2021 walk will be on Twitter, Our Blogs and on ZHRO Facebook Live with more interviews are planned with those that completed the walk.
Download Ordinance Survey APP " OSOnline" to follow this mapped route, as stage 1 of the Walk for Freedom. Route Navigation over public footpaths from Brighton Pier to Christ's Hospital Railway Station
40km in and still pertky enough to pose for photos in Aug 2020This year the 21-22nd August was chosen due to there being a FULL MOON [and subject to a cloudless night sky] increase visibility during the night section next to the Rivers!

Walk for Freedom was the last four year's themes - and agin ZHRO will keep this. Having had so many freedoms denied in Zimbabwe in 2019/20/21, this is particularly relevant, especially with the abduction in Zimbabwe of the three MDC Youth Leaders, Abduction of Journalists and now the attacks upon the provisions in the Zimbabwe Constitution; [Zimbabwe Updates.] See PROMO WALK DRONE VIDEO AS WELL  for some "inspiration"!!

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Walk Route

Very much as 2017/18/19/20. Brighton Pier to Devil's Dyke. [see photo at top of Devil's Dyke and Flickr pages ] Dropping down to Henfield and the Downs Link. Then onto Christ's Hospital [Rail station photo above] just a short walk from the rendezvous location on the Downs Link. The long slog to Guildford [railway station meet], finally the night walk along the River Wey Navigation and, this year, into Hampton Court [Rail Station], London.
Kind regards

John Burke