• Petition to 10 Downing Street

    11th November 2021 Petition Hand Over

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    1-2 November 2021 Zimbabwe "Delegation" Protest

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    Petition to Number 10

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    Biti Visit Jun 2019

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    4th August 2021

    Stop the Flights

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    Moyo Seen Off
  • Petition Handover

    16th March 2023 Free Job Sikhala Petition

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  • 15th September 2023 Petition Re Rigged Election
    15th September 2023 Petition Re Rigged Election

    ZHRO, ROHR, Chief Ndiweni and CCC and ZAPU delivered a Petition to Number 10

• We want the over 6.5 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora to be allowed to vote from wherever they are in the world during Zimbabwean plebiscites. For they already amount to 50% of the possible electorate of the country and their number is growing
• If Zanu PF retains power once again through rigging and use of arms, we are asking, SADC, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, EC, United Nations, individual countries, international Organisations to look into the plight of Zimbabwean women and girls. For the Zanu PF government has banned the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote. This disproportionately affects women much more to their disadvantage. It’s as if women have lost The Vote. That the suffragettes never achieved The Right for women to vote. Anecdotal observations indicate that the Zimbabwean Diaspora is made up of women by a significant percentage;-
◦ Women health care workers in the Zimbabwean diaspora are the majority. The United Kingdom took in over 40 thousand recently. And large numbers have gone abroad over many years. Find a women of colour in a remote village in Alaska, they are Zimbabwean.
◦ A large percentage of teachers that left Zimbabwe and are in the Diaspora are women. Find a foreign woman teacher in a small village in South Africa, they are Zimbabwean.
◦ There is a large percentage of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora who are there in the “unofficial economies“ of countries in SADC, Africa, Europe, USA, Asia, in order for them to fend for their families back in Zimbabwe. For the Zimbabwean government has failed in its responsibilities with respect of official service delivery in all sectors of government.
◦ Remittances from funds sent from the diaspora to families in Zimbabwe are running into the USD Billion now. From these funds the Zanu PF applies a charge, a tax, a percentage, upon them. So the Zanu PF government is taxing the Zimbabwean diaspora community yet it has denied them their Human Right to Vote. There cannot be taxation without representation!
◦ Anecdotal observations note that within the Zimbabwean diaspora faith community, churches and especially Pentecostal Churches, women are by far the majority forming those congregations.
◦ Anecdotal observations note that amongst the many “clubs“ and groups that are formed within the Zimbabwean diaspora, once again women are the majority. In many regards these clubs and groups have taken over the governments job in Zimbabwe due to Zanu PF's failings eg helping out to fund, resource and occasionally build clinics in especially rural settings and some in urban areas. Early learning centres for preschool children are also being resourced by these clubs in the Zimbabwean diaspora.
◦ There is also a large percentage of Zimbabwean women in the diaspora who were persecuted in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwean Zanu PF government. Hence, they are there on asylum.
◦ The majority by far of cross border traders are women. These women are forced into the culture of corruption and bribery at Zimbabwe's borders, in order to get their goods into the country. Otherwise their legitimate goods would be confiscated.
◦ At least 70 % of the population live in the rural areas under the jurisdiction of Traditional Leaders. In many cases those homesteads that look solid usually have a daughter, sister or mother in the diaspora sending resources from abroad. The empathy side of women shines through. This is not to say that men do not play their part. That would be wrong to say that. However, it is the women who are the greater majority that are keeping these homes functioning.
◦ Women have not by choice gone outside Zimbabwe. They have been forced to by Zanu PF's failings. Now that they are outside of Zimbabwe, the Zanu PF government is still chasing after them by denying them the Vote, the Human Right to Vote in plebiscites in Zimbabwe. If that was not enough the Zanu PF government now introduces the new “Patriotic Bill“. This is a broad ranging Bill which was recently passed into law just before these elections. Making it a criminal offence for any Zimbabwean in the diaspora to criticise the Zanu PF government. With serious penalties attached to it. Basically, Zanu PF government is trying to muzzle all Zimbabweans wherever they are in the world. Outrageous! And the timing of this Bill was designed to have an impact upon the 2023 elections in Zanu PF's favour. To reduce the Zimbabwean diaspora's critical influence upon those citizens in Zimbabwe who are about to vote. For the Zanu PF government has made a big thing about arresting prominent individuals based upon what they have “tweeted or said in WhatsApp's in the social media. As a result, Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and outside are uneasy. Very uneasy indeed!
◦ The Zanu PF government misogamy is there in black and white evidence. In the Ndebele Genocide of southern Zimbabwe 1983 -1987 the 5th Brigade raped over 100,000 women, injured and slaughtered tens of thousands In the political violence over 43 years it is many women that have been attacked, raped and slaughtered by Zanu PF. We observe the recent murder of More Blessing Ali. A young woman with a bright future cut down in her prime. The operative word her is “cut down“. For her body was found in a hole and it had been chopped into pieces. It is not clear if she was chopped into pieces whilst still alive or when dead. Her crime was that she was a member and campaigner for the Opposition CCC. Witnesses identified Zanu PF supporters. Till this date no arrests and trials of the perpetrators. More Blessings Ali's family obtained legal representation from one Advocate Job Sikhala. A strong legal mind that pushed for justice. Job Sikhala was immediately arrested by Zanu PF government on trumped up charges. Job Sikhala has now spent over a year in jail. Whilst nothing on those who murdered More Blessing Ali, dismembered her body and threw it down a hole. Profound. This occurs under Zanu PF. When the Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC, takes too long to announce the election results in 2018 , people orderly protests on the streets of Harare. The army opens fire upon them cutting them down. Women shot in the back, who were not even part of the protests but were trying to fend for their families. No arrests and we are approaching another election.

◦ We observe the Vice President Mohadi chasing after his wife in the yard of their home, waving an axe. The woman is besides herself. Nothing is done to the Vice President. Later audio's are released about the Same Vice President soliciting sex from young women some in their early teens. There is public outrage. He resigns. However, he then suddenly reappears still in a powerful position within Zanu PF. He is presented to the people during government businesses to officiate. He represents the government meeting Traditional Leaders around the country. He plays a role in these 2023 elections, for Zanu PF.

◦ The second vice president has an acrimonious separation from his wife. He uses his position to levy charge after charge against the poor woman. She is dragged to the courts even in a hospital bed with drips plugged in. A warrant of arrest for her is issued by the Magistrate, even though the Magistrate is informed that she is outside the court House trying to climb the stairs. She request to go for medical treatment in South Africa the Courts deny her . Her ex-husband the second Vice President has just return from China on medical grounds after months and months! The woman under goes major operations with an amputation involved and the trials continue. And she is dragged to the courts.